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A former governor is back behind bars komo jennifer sullivan reports stony rivers was given what prosecutors called a once in a lifetime second chance but now he's facing a murder charge it started as a drug by inside this east can't motel earlier this month the victim was shot in the head while mr rivers was attempting to steal money and drugs from that victim 90s later rivers walked into the king county jail he allegedly told detectives he went to the motel simply looking for crystal met not to hurt anyone now rivers is charged with firstdegree murder for day david cabrera's november second death and assault for threatening cabrera's girlfriend a codefendant the only a swath word is facing the same charges this incident if he is convicted we'll be mr rivers six strike in 2013 then governor chris gregoire commuted rivers three strikes throughout the sentence something recommended by king county prosecutor dan sarrebourg sarrebourg declined to comment in charges filed last week senior deputy prosecutor john casselton said quote rivers continues to commit crimes even when he's on community custody and even after being given a once in a lifetime second chance john carlsson the conservative talk show host who coauthored the threestrikes law never imagined somebody like rivers being given that chance he had nearly thirty criminal convictions should never have been considered for exoneration or for clemency of any kind i'm told the prosecution would like to see reverse returned to prison for life jennifer sullivan komo news komo news time eight forty eight tonight in nfl football the baltimore ravens beat houston three to sixteen the elliot the auto brokers sportsdesk thievery is part of the husky.

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