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It is Kurds me now. Stephan. In the meantime, has written a note on one of the means that gentleman is through Cuba that was driving the truck. And he's here legally he's here on greencard. Yes. What occurs to me, though, is if you can't be a write English, read English Howdy. You redesign? It's his emergency truck aches it. We have those in doom by which is now, oh, there is video, and I'll have to say FOX thirty one Katie are has the video that someone took because apparently, we're not absolutely certain. It's the same truck. But it looks exactly like the truck and it was going. It was driving wildly in the mountains. And drove right past one of the one of the out of control truck things. So I don't know. I mean, if you can't read or write English, it would seem to me he wouldn't be able to recognize that sign. Well, aren't as they do give driver's license exams in both languages now. Yeah. But how do you re-? I. Yep. You're asking the same question. I have for years when I know that the driver's test was given both languages. I went out. I was getting a driver's license. One day at a DMV in Florida, and I found out they gave. Both languages, and I walked up I said where are the Spanish language signs road? I just like to know and stop in Spanish Alto. Because that's what I've seen in choir. But I don't remember a lot of my Spanish in grade school. Well, artists may be someone else can answer that question for us. Yeah. It's just seems a little odd to me. But he's only twenty three. Yeah. I'm hearing. So I think he has been arrested and four counts of vehicular homicide. Sounds pretty damaging I would say that we should we're going to have to wait and see because I they said drugs and alcohol, we're not a factor. But what was the factor that would that would inspire them to file four counts of vehicular manslaughter. You don't just don't jump on that unless they wanted the ability to hold him until the investigation was already done. Well, and somebody said they they were under road when he flew past him in it looked by kid lost his prey, yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm in my sixties. I wouldn't know what to do if my brakes driving a semi that. If you're driving if you're driving in the mountains of I seventy you have to know that those truck pull offs are just for that. Yeah. I would think so. But if you can't read English, then they'll could be an issue that may be artists. Good point. I appreciate it. Thank you for the call. Always. Let's check on traffic. Find out if anybody else's created havoc on the roadways. Bye. Do we know is I seventy open, or when do we think it might be open? Do we know westbound.

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