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The public health complex so corruption is with us. It's blinding it's coming fast. The media the military industrial complex the media industrial complex the medical industrial complex. It's dizzying it's right out in front of us. It doesn't make efforts to hide any longer We feel like we're being gas. Probably because we are we are being gas by the elites. It's not a left and right issue and that's very important to understand. It's them versus us in many ways. So what can we do. Well we can pay. Attention are unfortunately at the risk of adopting cynicism. Our our immediate response should be that this is not true. What they're telling us is not true. We can't simply take for granted the way that we have understood the world around us up until perhaps this last year or even if you want to count russia gate this past four years. We can't presume the things around us are as they seem and it can be a little a little bit threatening epistemological threatening to us what what is reality. What is knowledge but the fact is it's the only way we can cope with this constant gas lighting. So i'm just throwing this out there to consider some of these aspects of corruption to think about this deep corruption in our society and to think about in the context of dr paul's writing about moral bankruptcy once you're morally bankrupt as a society you're susceptible to anything you're susceptible to corruption. So let's think about ourselves as think about our society was think about where we're going. Let's think about the game. The elites are playing with us. Let's think about the great reset. Let's think about the new normal. Let's think about the kind of society that we want to live. And if dr paul were here he would say the answer to. This of course is to embrace the core key kernel of our defense against this which is to embrace the idea of personal liberty of doing what you want to do as long as you don't hurt someone and if taking that on board of not hurting people of actively trying to not her people In fact the opposite may be true of helping people so that is something we can take with us again. I would remind everyone to please Subscribe to this channel Because people are being told people are telling us that they're being. I'm subscribed after the scribe. Please subscribe to this channel. Police subscribe to rpi updates. Ron paul institute dot org go to the button subscribe so that we can keep in touch because yes there is corruption. There is censorship people do not want to be exposed for what they're doing and we want to be able to keep in touch with you and as long as you can hear. Please continue to watch liberty report. I promessi we will. We do have other alternative venues. We have other places you can watch the liberty report. Even some of our episodes that have been pulled down. We will continue to develop those. We will continue to develop a plan b to continue to give you the news and analysis as we see it hopefully just straightforward so. Thanks for tuning in to the liberty report. Please come back and see you soon..

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