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People that wanted to get past as you witnessed today. There's many clergy in many stakeholders from this community throughout the entire Illinois have come together, stand in. Speaking the same language, send the same thing. Advocates and Republicans have harshly criticized the bill, the Illinois General Assembly begins the lame duck session, began it Wednesday that is, but as of now, there's no hearing schedule to vote on that Bill. A cooler malfunction has forced the kokani medical examiner's office to store some bodies in refrigerated trucks. The office says he compressor malfunctioned on New Year's Day. It's unclear how many are being held in those temperature control trucks in a statement the office is the bodies are being treated with dignity and respect while officials work to replace that compressor. Illinois ranks second among the top move out states in 2022, WGN Steve Graham reports, united van line says the rankings are based on inbound and outbound moves with the company, the Illinois had an outbound rate of nearly 64% and an inbound rate of about 36%. The state ranked second behind New Jersey. Springfield had the highest outbound rate at 73% Chicago's rate was 67%. Illinois population has dropped 1.8% since 2020, studies show retirement has been the main driver for people leaving Illinois, a third of those moving out were 65 or older. Steve krishan atch WGN news. Cook County property owners will have an extra month to pay their first installment property taxes this year, and their bills are already available online, according to treasurer Maria Pappas, the due date is now April 1st. If you don't want to pay them online, the paper bills will be mailed late February, lay payments are charged 1.5% per month. A former Pope Benedict XVI will be late to rest in just a couple hours. The funeral mess is set to start at two 30 a.m. Chicago time. The Vatican will stream the mass live on YouTube and Facebook 60,000 people are expected to attend the funeral in Saint Peter's square. The Vatican estimates some 200,000 people pass through St. Peter's Basilica during the last three days of public viewing. WGN sports time 1205, the ball snapped the nets 12 game winning streak last night, beating Brooklyn one 21 to one 12 northwestern knocked off the align I 73 to 60 in Evanston, Illinois has beaten the cats 8 straight times, other local hoops action last night, depaul, while the and UIC all loss and a strained hip will keep Justin Fields out of the lineup for Sunday season finale against the Vikings, Nathan Peterman will get the start. Jared

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