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Graduate as what is happening in this evening yeah I can read more about all that's right I know it's time for traffic now let's let's start to show now that it's half over Kendrick warranty is gonna be on the show tonight I'm Adam rank I'm ran couldn't do last night so we get to scream at Adam and make fun of his forty niner predictions again tonight instead Dalton Johnson's gonna give us a little winter meetings rob Hey Fonz ID come alive to us a little bit memory so I don't think we're done I don't think we're done here to winter meetings and then now we're meetings are overdoing anything else but who knows what could break tonight because may I remind you last night Anthony Rendon own cirque at eight o'clock night before not Gerrit Cole circa nine thirty who knows what is going to happen as we go into the night here on the sports later so OB yes glad you're with us eight await cambiar is the number all lets your song today let's play a day yeah he was impressed I was like why you go way back indeed will going Jesus Jones tonight because it is all about right here all right now I got the opportunity to be a guest today on the Polly mac podcast that'll come out you should check that out but something came up about this particular forty nine or ten that help me understand why I'm enjoying this particular team so much Polly liking this team to the nineteen eighty one.

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