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Plants fighting off the back foot trying to jab and move and trying to out maneuver canelo for twelve rounds of this fight. I do think he can have some success in the early rounds doing that. I've seen fighters have success against canelo in the early rounds. Camello take something of a strategic approach to these fights. Everything is building towards something big. Like we kinda saw with that billy joe saunders. I just can't see kayla plant doing that successfully. For twelve rounds i mean. Sergei kovalyov tried to out jab kello in their fight. A couple of years ago had some success bows ultimately knocked out. Billy joe saunders tried to move around a little bit try to be active had some success and then was knocked out feel like we can see kind of a similar path here maybe a destructive one though for kayla plant. Because i don't think. I know he doesn't have the power of a sergei kovalev and he's as skilled. I would say i don't like billy joe saunders i think he's right on billy joe saunders level perhaps in terms of overall boxing skills so i guess when i when i think about past victory for kayla plant is if he's in the best shape he's ever been in can go twelve rounds can move the entirety of that fight and sticking with that jab over and over again other than that. I don't know how he wins. This fight well Kayla plant is a good boxer chris. He's he's skillful boxer. He's a very intelligent fighter. I agree that he's not going to have the power to keep kamilo off of him or the power to affect cannella who has shown nothing short of an iron chin throughout his rise to superstardom kayla. Plan that would kill the plant. But press conference brought up jose miguel koto from like oh nine like i was twelve years ago again. That's trying to get into his head and look he was buzzed against he was i. That was his first bite in the us. He's been buzzed since then and he's i mean he's fought. The obviously love can twice got daddy jet guys who can punch james kirkland. Whatever anyone thinks of him as a fighter obviously can punch. He's fought a lot of guys who hit hard. And he hasn't as far as i can tell hasn't been affected in any fog a faded version of kovolev. Like if i don't know that he necessarily would have fought the kovolev who who was undefeated and knocking. Everyone out writing fought andrea ward. But but but kovalev who. My probably isn't as good of a boxer from a technical standpoint kayla plan. He's good but he'd probably not as good. Technically sound is kayla plant. Coppola had a lot of success in that fight. You know he was. He was down ninety six ninety four on two cards and one of the cards. It was even going into the eleventh round when he got knocked out So he so people tend to. I think sometimes people tend to get loose sight of you know the the could not just going out there going out there and he's excellent. You know top top of top top top of the sport for sure but he's not blowing everyone out. I mean he does keep. I'll take a step further. He doesn't blow really anybody out. At least not at the highest level. I mean galop. Confides both razor thin. I think i had ninety six ninety four at this time of the stoppage to for against kovalev. Daniel jacobs was relatively close. Fighting was like one sixteen hundred twelve largely one hundred. Thirteen kind of deal. I admittedly i had saunders having more success than the judges did but saunders for at least two or three of those rounds was finding a home for some of his punches..

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