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Now we covered a lot of ground this morning and we know that you're all engaged in what's happening around how could you not be in our state is especially but anywhere in this country you're engaged with the the worries about covert nineteen and the possibility of it spreading and trying to do everything it can to make sure it doesn't the and you could only look out for yourself you know individually that's that's how it is and I think most people are doing that and that's why we're starting to see the trends go down which is great news for us all and especially since the cases in Michigan hit hit such a low yesterday twenty five new cases was it and that was just to it was remarkably good news is what it was and we are celebrated so we will look continue with your phone calls here now a let's go to a commerce township Steve you're gonna be up next good morning welcome to the Frank Beckman show hello Frank foster it show you always get around to the truth and Preciado but you let everybody on in the year the best program in this area probably the country well I sure appreciate that this is a very kind words and and I I can't thank you enough for saying that Steve thank you very much so there's a real issue my daughter is a labor delivery nurse and she has a special needs daughter so you know when the bridge like him around a few months ago they were making decisions based on statistics which have proven false but they made drastic decisions flatten the curve and I care about my daughter and my granddaughter and you certainly don't want susceptible people to be in I'll put in a bad position but the statistics we found have changed in the statistics are different in the day today we make decisions based on those old statistics not the new ones it irrational the call you have a on an hour ago that talked about the economy and he was giving credit to Obama you doing all that stuff you corrected that I appreciate that ma'am that attorney corrected a lot of the other things that were going on for how you know mmhm the governor has picked the winners and losers right what about this this hub how much now you have to vote for any governor who saved her life right so she's all she's not a presidential how they you gotta go for because she saved your life that's what she's taking credit for saving all of our no doubt and so you know just give me a invalid ballots all do it here's the thing you got your job having opened up in their numbers have gone down okay and we'll open up completely right now first we are smart we can walk and chew gum we can say our distance from where man and do all those other things at work but you like on your own radio program today you're talking about some people are calling ambulances in when the ambulance eventually get there the person's bed because there are there's a fear going on in this whole idea of a second wave it's just another overly of speaker the original fear now we got this other fear and you know we're gonna have the second wave organized in in its all fear in you make terrible decisions when you are it you know a motion you're making emotional so right now hospitals are laying everybody off there is no you know people are my wife has a knee operations postponed to August you know but a lot of real issues are not being addressed but the real issue is that people are going broke restaurants you know twenty a day you know you name it hello hectic at the New York and Steve I don't want to get back to work absolutely we do and and you know what we can make that decision we're smart enough in Michigan that we see that this is a danger and we would do these things on the suggestion that we social distance and wear face masks out in public and things like that unlike the governor press got their art by three people I want to refer to that I think would make great leaders for our state Patrick Colbeck if you go to his site he gives very good common sense and that's what we're lacking today is common sense Dave Adama and Karen which when you look at what these people are they're doing something and they are speaking common sense they're not operating out of fear you have to operate out of town since which is in very low supply these days plus hearing what's it basically has been dropped out of the Democrat party because she dared to thank president trump for something and you can't do that if you're in the Democratic Party thank you but if you take a look at her life right now she's giving out little refrigerators and cookstoves in toaster ovens and if they're coming to our house they're going to it she is serving her ninety three thousand people in that district and Karen with that cares about people and she's actively involved he just not talking she's doing exactly exactly right and she is is truly making a difference out there with with what she's doing with those those gracious gestures to distribute all those things that people need I appreciate the call thanks so much Steve please go ahead and we got to get going right now if you wanna get a trip to township real quick and I think this was positive Greg who's on the line is that right yes Francis here on fire my friend a couple points yes welcome back when Democrats the documentary watched it yeah I know was interesting but I thought it was conspiratorial myself I want yeah only yes a little bit yes Dana Nessel I gotta tell you it is an attention seeker we can understand what he's in German but the law is not black and white there is wiggle room and it's all interpretive and it I just go back to Bill Clinton what is the definition of sex and what is the definition of the word is I mean even though we wanted to be black and white and the reason for my call is it's a catch twenty two we're damned if we do we're damned if we don't to go out you'll either go out and do what you're supposed to do to protect your family and your family and feed your family you could die or you could stay home and not feed your family because you have no money coming in and you could possibly die there it's just the idea that which is in German you have to understand that the immune system needs to be exposed to various viruses and germs sort become stronger it's active here is sadly the the the naked truth about the cold with nineteen virus yeah six older susceptible people who have pre existing conditions that's who who dies by inordinate amounts in this whole this whole rundown in our country the overall people are being struck by this now you know what that rate would you know what that's like quite frankly in in past history it's just like the seasonal flu the seasonal flu picks out old people previous pandemics like H. one N. one one after the young more than the old and so that's the end of it yes you see and so what so this may be not so much an out liar as a as a pandemic is as the seasonal flu type that doesn't make it any less deadly delisting right don't get me wrong but it it may be a change our approach if you have that knowledge and you're using it to set public policy in the state like Michigan I would think you want to know that you want to take it into consideration as part of your your consideration of all of the details and the the statistics and beside her a good my friend you have a great day you too thank you Greg always appreciate the call and let's put out an act real quick Kathy the Frank Victor good morning good morning Frank Hey originally I had my call about opening up a steep slide when you're talking about the gun right we changed the law that now you have to be all you cannot just go into a store and buy a gun you still need to get the yeah our dog background chucked out of the police department and all that I did not but nobody notices I thought when you sign in to buy the gun you had decided disclosure paper that that indicated your your membership in organizations things like that and any criminal record that you have one by don and you have to be delivered by the FBI background check fingerprinted yeah you can walk into any store sure you should be all Marco with the god well good all right we'll see if that changes down the road but no surprise to the people who are most opposed to you being able to practice your second amendment rights are continuing to win at the state level right now and are pushing back from the very top so we'll just leave it at that okay and we get more of your calls it in the final hour of the show Cathy thank you so much for years to get the news coming up with the cave nerds.

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