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South Bay, Inland Empire, Condor discussed on KNX Morning News with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore


Is something California is only twenty four hour local news and traffic station K. and extend seventy news radio and on the morning of the cold and I'm Vicky more coming up continuing coverage of what's happening with the looting around southern California this prank Motegi many stores temporarily closed door with restricted hours today because of what's happened stock market slightly higher as we watch the new readings on manufacturing the worst of the economic downturn according these numbers might be past your money to a twenty busters are coming up in the next fifteen minutes first interstate fifteen the traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five cent here is Jennifer your live in Orange County we're gonna go that I've just got easier over the four five the valley south on top of the five four five five right where the L. two world wide had a crash working and eating with an overturned or for other cars involved the back up it is pretty much on the five at the back of his to the one thirty three let's go ahead and go to Scott is flying in the southern California Toyota dealer sky five over the four upon the valley yep we have support work on the north for five eight victory that for the couple to a place are blocked and looks like reports of concrete out there so they're probably waiting for it to dry it is backed up right around the one I wanted it's probably worth family for the freeway music support but I had a guy out of Sherman oaks at the van Nuys at this point southbound but look at too bad here there was a little slow I crested the hill thereabouts for Bob hall but overall a pretty good at the sport without ninety one westbound before the five minute stalled Bob tail in the right lane that's where you get a back of there almost a harbor on that west ninety one coming out of the Fullerton area couple things for the for for the South Bay north out for five Alameda it's in the cars going to stall the right lane I don't see a lot of long so please be careful four five north Alameda heads up there the right lane and the running a break on the ball five south via route hot or because of a latter reported lanes all right around friend Shyam our next for the twenty five more tropical force more often I'm Jennifer York and a Toyota condor twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio highs above average for your Monday with partly to mostly cloudy skies today near seventies along the coast eighty four downtown in the basin valleys Inland Empire high desert sipping hearing ninety degrees this afternoon mountains cooler in the seventies contraflow weekends into the next few days so warming tomorrow into Wednesday Wednesday.

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