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Our producer and here are the top stories we're following for you today. There are just over three weeks until the midterm elections, voters are already casting ballots in 18 states and voting starts in 8 more this week. CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony salvanto talked about what they're focused on and which party could take control of the House and Senate in an appearance on CBS's face the nation today. The Republicans have a turnout advantage, more of them say that they're definitely going to vote. What could get the Democrats in contention to maybe hold the house? It's young people. If young people were to show up more than they say they are going to and the democratic seat number goes up where they're writing contention to maybe get a bear majority. According to a new CBS battleground tracker poll, Democrats momentum to keep the house has stalled for now and the Republican lead has stabilized at 224 seats to the Democrats 211. The GOP lead had shrunk in the two previous model runs, worsening views of the economy continuing inflation of volatile stock market and rising gas prices are behind the change. Meanwhile, president Joe Biden is putting abortion rights in the spotlight when he delivers a speech in the district this week. The president and other Democrats are trying to make abortion rights a central focus of the campaign after the Supreme Court's ruling overturning constitutional protection of abortion rights back in June. Mister Biden will speak at a Democratic National Committee event at the Howard theater Tuesday night. A suburban St. Louis school district is weighing its next steps with lawyers and experts after a study found significant radioactive waste inside one of its schools. Jaina elementary school was built in the flood plain of a creek contaminated by the production of nuclear weapons during World War II. A new report by Boston chemical data corporation went into the library, kitchen, classrooms, fields, and playgrounds, and found levels of radioactive toxins far in excess of what they expected. Dust samples taken in the school were found to be contaminated. Boston chemical did not say who or what requested and funded their report. It's 5 34, police and Raleigh, North Carolina still don't know what motivated F 15 year old boy to go on a shooting rampage Thursday, 5 people were killed, including the accused shooter's brother. CBS is a lease Preston. 9-1-1 calls released late Friday capture the horror when according to police, a 15 year old opened fire in a residential neighborhood in Raleigh North Carolina. What kind of clothing is he

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