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You know that's charlie subjective like is you might find one drummer that says less is more you just need to provide that basic backbeat in leave room and then you stewart copeland comes in the room in laughs and punches you in the face because he looked like sting thumps here in the head you know so that's that's entirely subjective when it comes to art like you know you've been to a museum and sina a twelve inch by twelve inch square painted red and then you've also seen jackson pollock or frida kahlo so again it's just a subjective as to simplicity maybe i don't know can you apply to art and my my wrong there no no that's the sarily think that's that's a good point because it's still it's it's subjectively valuing something whether it's complexity or whether its simplicity it's it doesn't mean as right that's the point right i think that your point is once downing so right over the other yeah i think that's what and then there's also plenty of circumstances where comes razor just doesn't help very much like very famously ptolemies idea of the universe the earth is the center of the universe in geo centric universe is what it's called where the earth is the universe the sun the moon all the planets and all the stars revolve around earth is known to be wrong now but for a long time that's what everyone thought until the copernican revolution right where.

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