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You know you could be sterling k. Brown young is a fabulous actor and your show could be certain to be giving k. Brown like look like like. You're like wait a minute. That's they sort of look at it for a was like not ain't get him. He's too old for this. He's like but like they're all great. He's french cameroon in your actually and this is a great thing about the in films. Do this you're actually drawn into that first story. But what's actually going on and and who cares because you start getting more and more pieces of what's happening things like this because when they when they show up this this village you're like You just in one point target kind of knows the people they're scoring on that what's happening and these aren't getting they have. They have the the the. They're they're trying to repair their plane. But there seemed like there's a bigger plan or something goes on here that now everybody knows about and then when that gets a real you're like oh shit l. to the clock and was like but there's thirty minutes of this film left what's going on here and that's when the chain tap like. Oh oh oh it's also. At the very beginning it's kind of starts out with like a an episodic she'll like the way they introduce it. They've kind got some drop cards in orient you to what's going on and they've got a disembodied narrator but what really threw me off because of the true opening of this movie happens right as the beginning of the credits roll and they have this thing where it says that And that should have been my true first clue that no matter where they were going we was going to end up at a different place because the opening quote revenge like a river whose bottom is reached only when we drowned with by the way some of the most beautiful cinematography and and muted to brilliant colors ever and everybody. This movie for the most part is a dark skinned black person so they got them popping off these vivid colors but then they also go into kind of like the whole purple indigo scale. Is you get of what. Sundown and sunrise looks on. Not this hemisphere. So yeah the way this not with you the way. This is shot with black people in having them pabo screen. Even when it's dark you know it's again. This is how. I hate to shoot likely right right. You know this. Is you know it reminded me a lot of waves. How the color waves was and things like that like yet. This letter over the headshot. Yes because they got smooth transitions from mike. You know slow movement too fast movement to action but yeah you're right. That is a good. That is a good comparison there. But i will tell you this. You don't have to take our word for the fact that this movie fly. Del toro said this is highly anticipated. Move And i was like well that puts that on my watch list right if nothing else does but yeah it. It flies straight into the fantasy world and goes right knocks on the door horror. Also it also.

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