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Been in office on they don't like it, and they don't like it so much that they're not going to stay home mail in ballots in Pennsylvania can be counted up to three days past election Day, so long as they are not mailed later. So, says an evenly split US Supreme Court upholding a state court ruling against the Trump campaign and Pennsylvania Republicans. We can expect more cases going to the Supreme Court regarding the election. And so when Justice Bharat is confirmed, if she's confirmed, is going to be key in frankly how these cases are going to come out lawyer will a law professor Laurie Levinson, all of this against a background of a worsening pandemic crisis? Johns Hopkins University tonight reporting more than 220,000. Americans have now died of covert 19. None of them were in a Kansas nursing home. A nursing home, which has 62 residents, all of them infected, as are several employees. And then there was the related economic pain. Janet family and reports Christine Girls Rent is due in two weeks, and she doesn't have it right now. I'm trying to get a job at Papa John's to work during the day, delivering pizza delivering pieces. The 52 year old mom of two lost her job at a barbershop when the economy shutdown in March since stimulus funds ran out in July, she's living on unemployment. $784 a month. All my bills were late. I had to ask for help from a church to help me pay my rent Excavations underway at two sites and also search for mass graves from the city's notorious 1921 massacre of black residents. Brenda Alford's great grandmother survived it. These were fine, upstanding members of our community. Who simply wanted a piece of the American dream but truly received a nightmare World Siri's starting tonight. This is CBS News, Double Duty Obedience Times three. Tuesday morning, October 20th 2020 Body with some.

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