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You're walking, you're not dodging stinky puddles of water and this feeling like you need a shower every ten minutes. And it was funny because there was so much in Paris. They're always quantity wise, but. The quality, the range of. The range of. Work that you see there from new people to will, from marine says to Chanel from most of the most savage house to people who've desist second season, just the craft and the the execution and the breadth of vision is is incredible. And then there's a funny up the something else. Funny that happened, I thought was. I don't know how this this is the old habits. Everybody do the same thing at the same time in fashion story, but it's it's a sort of variant invent dress, did one of his bishops ever that shows beautiful and you just think, wow, you know, you think where he's been for the last few seasons, very good, very consistent, but suddenly it's I, he's like a new lease on life. Just maybe he's not worried about money anymore business. Well, the business was acquired. Yeah, and this is the first season since that aquisition where he, he said it made no difference at all. Really. You probably know. I think I, I think it did. I think maybe you know secure, but it was more than that. It was just what that collection was composed of it. The the sort of the. The kind of pragmatic glamour, you know, making these beautiful silhouettes. He's almost mature silhouettes out of humble fabrics, which felt like a film meaningful. You know, in a way to exalt the ordinary, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary this, it's something designers have been talking about for longtime, but you not for a long time, but for a few seasons, at least everybody looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. But I don't think we've seen it so perfectly expressed as we didn't collection. Speaking of a lifting moments and amazing show put my glasses about one of the the first time I've ever seen you stand up at a fashion show was at the end of Pierpaolo Valentino show this season you Jenner was because I couldn't see. No, no, I still I still have stood up before. Four three times I don't remember or I wasn't there that show why this season. You know, this is he's coming off two of the most brilliant couture Shas. This show was different from it, didn't. It didn't take cues from what had done cure. It was a different statement based on the same things. He Pierpaolo petrole doesn't want to be exclusive. He. He said, I am against the notion of escape, which is which is interesting because then he makes clothes. They have this transporting extravagance. I mean, the silhouettes were just so gorgeous and they took you somewhere else. Maybe maybe another time or place or maybe I could could be the future. I mean, the craft is extraordinary again, the same thing like the fabrics and so on. He's he's making a statement that that about making a statement with humility and this very extravagant notion at the same time, and I found the the show. Oh, was so exquisite? I, you know. To do to those dresses embroidered and beat addresses and with is like six or seven types of fabric velvet and cotton and linen and and and sat in all kind of collage together seamlessly. You just just sitting there looking at these things and you have a hell. Do they do that? But on a on a dress as simple as a t shirt. And then of course. The cost about thirty four thousand times more than a t shirt, but it it was just, you know, it was it kind of, I think when a Duta cashew is the most incredible new model. I was been on ski about the model. Incredible. You model when she came out in that dress at the end of it. Owed. You just felt like you had to stand. Let's talk about. Do you skipped ahead to one of my questions. What is it about? Doot has got the whole industry. Just she closed Chanel, she close Valentino, she's she's going to be the next. We should say that you can't say other concept and we have some confidential information catch there. But what, what? What's going on with that? Dude? Why has everyone. Do you know it? It's it's. It was the season of of the black model. I mean, diversity obviously is is being this has been a. A touch..

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