UK's May fires defense secretary over Huawei leak


Papacy of the British Defense Secretary oven. Williamson has been sucked of leaks from a national Security Council meeting it discuss security implications of allowing the Chinese company while we take part in a building the building of bitten five g mobile network. Mr. Williamson denies any involvement in the leak robots enough political correspondent is joining us on job. Fra children, talking Brexit. Well, you say that Allen and good morning Clarice while everybody else, but I'm not so sure I mean, I actually I put this as being puff of the Brexit Malays that wings, British politics await for in this way. The that's leaking from the national Security Council is sort of breakdown and disciplined that we've seen and British government because of the divisions over your because of Brexit. So in a way, I I do put it as pots that Malays that sort of habit that ministers get into and there's no discipline no unit. Say, oh, well, it's probably all right. Fi speaks about this that and the other physicians quite strong, though, other not national Security Council is supposed to be very confidential. Yes. I mean, having said this is the present Malays will quickly focus on this. It is immensely serious because it's the holy of holies Funke put it that way. The national Security Council which was established in twenty ten brings together very senior ministers from the governments, and it brings together senior officials from military from the intelligence to discuss the threats to the UK, of course, one of the things. It's makes it immensely serious says it doesn't only involve UK intelligence miniature officials, but all of us. They discuss intelligence that's been provided the UK by its allies. And that is why even though what was leaked out of this particular meeting wasn't particular sensitivity sensational. It was the very idea that something could leak has these meetings which had Theresa May and Britain's allies in. A spin. And what has Mr. Williamson said has. I mean, this is extraordinarily stuff on. And I mean, I I know I use the lead extraordinary about British politics. But he say nothing to do with with me of. And he's saying he was quote way, he says, I swear on my children's lives. This was nothing to do with me. So it seems to me one of two things could happen. Now, either he's got some way of trying to prove that any carries on and on and on all I will be some further investigation all some provisions of the evidence, which suggests actually it was you Mr. Williamson. And so what's likely to happen next? I'm hearing all sorts of noises about potential prosecution. Well, certainly the opposition says a saying, look if he's breached what's known as the official secrets acts, which is incredibly serious the police should be involved in jail ship involved. I owning streets hopes this is the the sort of the end of the matter seems to me the the lot of the burden is now Mr. Williamson if he really is prepared. Sourness children's lives. And as as as innocence as he says, he is presumably he's going to carry on trying to say that and how much of a headache is this what to resume. Do you think? Well, I think again like today when we when we started I think, it's a headache in the sense. That reminds everyone that this is a government that discipline unity. Everything is pretty much breaking down. I mean on the other hand, I think it also says about threes may that want everyone thinks she doesn't go much time left in dire straits, she's not going to go quietly, and you know, she's propellants exercise or authority when she feels she

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