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Day. You have Yes. Make it happen baby, insisting those supporters believe they were taking direct orders from their commander in chief. We are physically lead manager Jamie Raskin making the case. Trump was laying the groundwork for years. January 6 was not some Unexpected radical break from his normal law abiding and peaceful disposition. This was his state of mind. But the majority of the Republicans in the room unmoved and as the Senate wait his fate. Trump was on the golf course seen in these photos from the Daily Mail. His lawyer, David shown ready to claim Trump did nothing wrong. He has condemned the violence. And doesn't anyone in any way want to be associated with what happened in this violent incident? Prosecutor's already undercutting the defense, claiming the idea he was exercising his First Amendment rights is a distraction and that incitement of insurrection is not protected under free speech. He was the president of the United States. And he had spent months Months. Using the unique power of that office. His bully pulpit to spread that big lie, arguing. This case is bigger than one man saying the fate of the country now hangs in the balance. What unfathomable horrors await us If we do not stand up now and say no, This is not America, and only a handful of Republican senators seem to be keeping an open mind. One of them, Senator Bill Cassidy, says he wants to hear from Trump's defense team on why he didnt condemn the violence sooner. ABC. Rachel Scott reporting and the defense team and the rest of the Senate trial is in a break right now in a recess there, first of the day North Carolina man under arrest for allegedly making threatening phone calls to the White House. I'm going to chop your heads off. David Reeves allegedly told a White House operator during the late January phone call when the Secret Service called him to ask about it, Court records said Reeves told the agent he had free speech and did nothing wrong. In another call to the White House court records quoted Reeves saying, I'm going to come Well. The President Reeves has several prior arrests, and he has now been arrested for threatening the president of the United States. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered detained. A BCS Aaron Carter ski, It's 11 20 times for a PROPEL insurance business Update from Jennifer Cash, Inca American Girl Dolls are back in favor. Mattel reported a 9% increase in the doll's gross billings in the latest quarter. And the first year over year growth in four years. Mattel says the increase is notable since covered 19 has caused a number of business disruptions, including permanent closure of some stores and a sharp drop in tourist to American girl flagship locations. Intel as it the Barbie Dream House was the top toy in the U. S for the quarter and 2020 Spirit Airlines is planning to start training new pilots and flight attendants as early as next month as the budget carrier positions itself for travel rebound after the pandemic slump. Spirit says growth in the airline industry is going to be at the leisure end, and it's preparing to be a big server of that guest. Spirit declined to say how many employees it plans to add this year. That's your money now. Money news a 2050 past the hour and the markets remain mixed with the Dow down by 51 points. The NASDAQ is up by nine the S and P 500 essentially flat higher by just one point. Money news a 2050 past.

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