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Accelerator and other controls so this is more serious than changing radio stations or turning on the windshield wipers a hacker so far unidentified has for the past week been hitting bitcoin exchanges with a double spend campaign as the attack types name implies he she or they were spending the same bitcoin gold coins twice pulling in about eighteen million dollars in the crypto currency the immature and overheated crypto currency market has predictably spawned a great deal of fraud the us justice department working with the commodity futures trading commission has opened a wide ranging criminal probe of market manipulation they're concentrating on such fraudulent practices as spoofing placing bogus orders to goose prices pump and dump schemes and so forth there's enough here to keep justice busy and happy for a good long investigatory run good hunting counselors and finally gdp are is in effect today with its expected worldwide implications microsoft for example is going to treat essentially everyone in the world as if they're covered by the regulation and right on cue the first legal complaints of gdp are violations have been filed one longterm facebook critic has entered a complaint that facebook and other platforms take it or leave it hobson's choice approach to obtaining consent amounts to improper coercion how gdp are will affect people and enterprises generally remains to be seen the advocacy group privacy international as begun its own investigation of what it characterizes as shadowy non customer facing data companies that accumulate large quantities of personal information.

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