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The Washington Post Salvador thanks for being with us Washington Post reporter Salvador Rizzo And that is Tom hudler 6 14 let's check your drive again and head over to the dubin law group traffic center and hear from arena In issaquah westbound I 90 at one 80th of westlake Samantha Parkway a collision still blocking the HOV and left lane so that it really is causing some slowdowns from right as you come through the area and over towards the seam South belt four O 5 still really struggling from 5 20 down to the new castle neighborhood north on one 6 7 at to stop bound four O 5 that ramp is reopened so that collision is gone South and I 5 into Seattle that's still a big time struggle from one 45th in shoreline where it becomes bumper to bumper all the way through Seattle the right lane is blocked at north gateway by the way That's why we're still seeing that slowdown coming out of the shoreline area In Pacific occlusion off to the side southbound one 6 7 north of Ellington still causing some slow down south NI 5 heavy from three 20th and Federal Way becomes bumper to bumper at highway 18 it remains slow to the port of Tacoma wrote north on I 5 solid from highway 16 up to Portland avenue Something I 5 still sluggish through JBL Lim south of gravelly Lake past main gate and slow again out of nisqually area down into the lacy area to about college street Next northwest traffic at 6 24 Thanks Marina Now let's check your 1530 mortgage dot com weather forecasts were in for another rainy weekend but it won't be a total washout We'll see showers on and off I think it sounds like more rain on Saturday than Sunday but it will be cool We're used to that The highs.

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