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Because any full of that nordic fru i suppose is the thing it's not a car there's no place for roy in an issue of new ones people say is serious it's a brilliant thing with a suppose people always deeds but they didn't have a choice but now so no matter how mad thing you bought people on the coleman since we are in there then you get older stuff so take your side it's literally so there was one or put up one up about pugh team at all referred to him a thing of the words this about three weeks ago are referred to as a homophobe gangster racist criminal all league fog more on idiot or something someone wrote reploy going any criticism of prince compute in from you mark no i thought not but that's not enough come might idiot actually trouble what does it feel like it feels very much you know i'll i'll joke about most things and there's certain subjects that will you'll get why wouldn't exactly why are you joking about kobe blackjack about trump wa junkin brexit you wouldn't joke about the visit you wouldn't and yet you are doing well everyone's homing in on the one that thanks which used to be like a comedy club that be one person laughing and then you make a joke that was too close to that home for them they got sent you an idiot you know you've been laughing all the other thing exactly but now people just so blunt almost blinken to not even see it when you probably more than it was it just people who just let tyke everything literally probably not many people jokes you know there's nothing you could roy there's no collection of words you could roy on twitter that wouldn't offend someone somewhere inside you could put i'm enjoying a delightful sunset across dorset this evening on the someone who put not so delightful if you suffer from sunset version doors trial match me about.

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