'Medicare-For-All' Plans Get a Reality Check


Tuesday house. Democrats used a committee hearing to make their pitch for Medicare for all legislation. You say radio networks Timberg has the story now Medicare for all universal healthcare plan developed by Senator Bernie Sanders and backed by more than one hundred Democrats, Dr Nicole sapphire is the Fox News medical contributor. She lays out some of her concerns with the Medicare for all Bill. What are the big issues that they discussed yesterday is quality of care, and actually they had someone suffering from a devastating disease LS, and he's talking about how currently in our system healing. With rash? And care and long wait times. And let me tell you something when you start giving all the power and all the decision making to the government here going to see a long, wait times. I mean, that's what Canada and across across the ocean. Everyone is saying longer wait times lower care because what these bills do. They're not getting rid of what I'm sorry. What they're doing is. They're actually getting rid of the entire private sector altogether. So everyone's going to be in these government plans

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