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To do it here in los angeles steve harkness joining us at the top of the hour here to talk what not only allays boards but sports in general i want to get his take on this lakers cavaliers trade as well let's get back after the fall lives right now let's go to our good friend manuel in los angeles obama l there you can have steve bartman on yes sir given the cherokee and on billy billy dale rich should act i still breathing i don't remember that deserve partner yeah so like hey it's wanted to talk some lakers basketball with you but you know where you got my mind going yearearlier with this nbc olympic talk uh maybe they should just let these gals school nipples doubt man that it's not really strike the raging if you want to get people's eyes on these uh figure skating competition dip yes me but uh with the lakers let's say you guys you think that they got a good shot it up paul george and kawhi leonard because i'm pretty sure and now they cleveland sewed up their roster leblanc could it be staying put paul george comes in now do they wait a year ago kawhi leonard klay thompson or jimmy butler or dear what if demarcus cousins so some interest ascetic it's at achilles tear scare you off their manuela di assign here well it you know i i speak from guys would like to warn ecu torn achilles 'cause you know one basketball man it's a it's a shot at best once they come back matt and they got to have the real the work ethic and the injury bug hope that uh he doesn't vita mcgann man the bitter this deal as well because a week now here here's the thing manuel route bull lenka hazardous money here he had a great graf last summer getting rid of that moscow of contract with a very good thing he's done all the grunt work here now magic johnson needs to earn his paycheck and free agency this summer a next summer now let's see if he can close these guys well i think yeah exactly that with your day you gotta put all the house towards a klay thompson either bailable but uh yeah i think it start here you've got to get that first more key guy out.

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