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Gains a mechanical and Bryant doing whatever it takes. On the Wednesday edition of the Martha Zoller Show. I'll be back and Ashley Bell is going to join me and you conjoined me on the phone in with a text message. Join us at nine on North George's News Talk w D U N Focusing on the forecast. That means we're focusing on more great weather for the day John Weatherby checks it out. Partly sunny today. Light Southwest breeze High of 84. Partly cloudy 63 Tonight Tomorrow mostly sunny, gusty Southwest winds high of 84 from the Access Wdun Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Tom Wetherby. We're in great shape is a sunshine has been up for just a little over an hour and gonna be with us to late 17 this evening right now is they start your morning checking temperatures around the North Korea area. Getting in Raving County. Let's make her way into Clayton this morning. You're starting out your day and 59 degrees, so one of our cooler spots, But as we check in with John's Creek, we're looking at 63 Gainesville, also at 63 in North Korea's news, talk Wdun. Get him standing by. Look at sports. Good night for the Braves last night. Let's find out about that and other headlines brought to you by Howard Brothers. Now, Thor Power and Hardware Thanks billion. Anderson allowed just one hit through seven innings and Ronaldo kun you hit his first home run since returning from injury as the Braves went on to shut out the Cubs five Nothing the truest park Yesterday. Ozzy Albee's Dansby Swanson and Pablo Sandoval also picked up our B I's in the effort. Game three of the Syriza's Tonight at 7 20. You can hear it on 94.5 FM the lake. In other major league scores yesterday, Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit three home runs as the Blue Jays be the Nationals. 9 to 5. Cardinals beat the Phillies five to Boston beat the Mets to toe one Milwaukee held off Miami 54 Joey Votto.

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