Democrats, Minarik Nelson, West Virginia discussed on MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval


To get a fire extinguisher to put out the fire on the microphone from tim mile it mildly fired up insecure is to keep it with the problem is that for the inventory turks to get rid of the inventory tax which at most people agree west virginia needs to get rid of because it is a detriment to business and the administration really wants to the commerce secretary really wants it republicans really want to let the democrats won but to get rid of it need twothirds vote in the house and senate because you have to amend the constitution you have to take it to the voters what a twothirds vote in the house you need some democrats you need some democrats so if the governor is hongkun off the democrats are democrats feel like the governor is just a wine about them which is clearly mile away and democrats feel at the he is you're gonna get zero democratic help so if things stay as they are today and they change rapidly around here but of things stay the way they are today you can stick a pin um stick a pinch ticker pin in the inventories are not going to happen not gonna happen while relations between house democrats and the governor or that bag the twothirds vote in both chambers you could get that the senate man what's badmouth house looks bad in the house all right let me get the break we expect dumb findings kamajor minarik nelson to be with us here and we'll talk to him here at the aarp broadcasts location what after this you didn't get to.

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