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On we're late for higher higher this kid to work well I will say I work for every bad **** women owned urban planning consulting firm and we're trying to do things different and better so that we can have better places because you wanted the new generations gotta be the generation that that fixes what ails this town Vitali you have a website of your own don't you what is it I do its vitality dot com the I. T. A. L. five Y. V. dot com and aside from writing pieces such as this I also two walking tours so I actually have some walks and planning as part of the Chicago architecture begini all in early October under a project called gene Jane's walks a cargo to honor Jane Jacobs the urban inst the great urbanised also emerged mainly got parties coming up on Wednesdays it wins the the eleven Wednesday September eleventh is the big book release party at the hideout and it's at five thirty we have a slew we have nine contributors reading it that their forty five contributors to the book and I and maybe ten of them don't live in Chicago but the rest now the user they of course but the but I really want to try and give everybody in the book a chance the ages of thirty and their work if they wanted yeah I still haven't quite got there yeah I mean if the schedule one more of them but we have the four so far in people can go is all this information about all the information is on the events page at built publishing dot com there's another one of the Mars community brewing in British for another number seventeen leaf in Andersonville at the hapless is on the first of October and then there's one at rose's lounge in Humboldt park on October ninth you must of from people beside myself and John Warner writing in the Chicago Tribune a great deal of praise so far even though it's just about to be published out of not yet so far the to the Tribune review the came out this week was really just really wonderful and a total surprise but I have done some I've done some interviews over the summer with different journalists and so there should be some others peace is rolling out the next day or two that I and we're seeing this you've heard these to talk for the last forty minutes or so the Chicago neighborhood guide book you would be if fool not to have this on your bookshelf and you would be it it will it will introduce you to Chicago to day it will not have every single new ones of every neighborhood it does not have restaurants much beyond you know vetoing necks and and pudgie's pizza is not that kind of conventional the guide book of which there are many and which most of them are no good what is someone someone could come to Chicago the one of the things I'd love to send notice but probably will be sold at airport bookshop fortunately with the coalition because all rise to come to Chicago and have someone get this book and read it on the you know to our flight back to Manhattan and get off Cole well my god I stayed at the intercontinental hotel but to pine no we should call right now they really will do that congratulations to you my telly I think it's a great piece it's about uptown kind of focused on Argyle street but also focused on the people who wonder and live and work and love in our guys first so so much to say about that part of the city Argyle you know there's new people coming in constantly new businesses new thirty stories to be told yeah always that's the great thing about living in a place like Chicago Martha congratulations this is really an essential an essential and and tremendously enjoyable book too yeah I just really quick because I do think if it is really full and part that it does change a lot of the narratives around Chicago just so tired and this is this book is truly uplifting it's kind of life affirming I mean it's just very moving some of the pieces in here are just so poignant and it's just amazing how much emotion can be packed in some three thousand words there's heart and soul and here you have forty five writers seeking the meaning in the heart in which in some strange well orders of Chicago which is I love about it that's the best thing about it even if you think you know Chicago you will find new parts of high level for ten years and files it's all new to me I've lived her considerable ten years and written about it instantly and I found new things in the book what are you in the book so it should have interviewed me in next book network right now that you have a log my tally T. interview me for the book yeah you're you're signed up if you can't be the urban planner for the city of Chicago interview Rick Kogan for Martha congratulations these two books back to back a really something I don't know what you're going to do next right you set the bar pretty high thank you very much bye Kelly hello do an interview one day will be back and talk about the season of concern in a few minutes the.

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