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Red may have teams is. Here Playing down to their competition if you don't see the difference between how this team has played, when they play the Orioles. And how this. Team has played when they pay. The Red. Sox then I can't help you. I don't know I just see how they're playing that's all I don't, care who they're playing? They're not beating if they win. One game every I should be happy Here. Is this okay I don't think every Yankee fans going to be happy Yeah that's not gonna happen If they're, not going to be happy. That, is if that happens Strongest argument is says they're eighteen, and sixteen since late June And they have not played the level that they played earlier in the year because there was a point where we were legitimately thinking this was going to be a. Team that was going to win one hundred and fifteen? Games but, do you think there was a part of that you know I'm just trying to diagnose what's, going on with the keys and. Why they've basically been an average baseball team since late June meanwhile still a, good baseball too I'm gonna say. Average, baseball team there's still a good baseball team but the fact that you had the twin injuries of Sanchez who I know is not hitting well but his Lisi's hitting for power you have Sanchez annual gleyber Torres who both were battling injuries in that time and now you have judges out listen. This is the thing to this is Lindsay Adler from, the f. Since the end of. June and so basically July first today let's call that the Yankees rotation ERA, four point seven nine nineteenth over. All, the Red Sox two point nine five that's your difference right there Sullying holtville runners in scoring position. Guys how you doing today Listen. You gotta have cash on a little bit. I I would I would ask you you guys. This question of course you might ask Cashman you got. Sheffield you've gonna have to put him on the. Forty man we all the cleaning out of, the forty man if they've done right before the trade deadline. They I think they stand at thirty eight guys right now you're gonna have to put him on. At the season's over you're gonna bring them up. After September I assure so he's going to eventually. Get there the red But here's the tricky thing okay for him to be postseason eligible is. Got to be on the forty man before August. September first That's what I'm saying is Red Sox is susceptible to left handed. Pitching Like I told me the. Other day sunny Greg. Going to the bullpen is what's going to happen he's gonna spill stink You know, even if he. Goes bad he's still thinks Sesa you've seen him he's been. Up he's been down he's running night's game, but he's inconsistent I would take the shot on Saturday now that happens. Out so the ten days I, take the shot nitro Sheffield, you've already got Sesa on on the roster. For the weekend if Sheffield. Pulls. A sunny gray you got Sesa behind them but I'd like to see what he had I already know. What happened sister I'd like to see, what, Sheffield, could do in a spot where you're not expecting. That much on. Saturday I mean. Is, that that's a big, risk don't you think to put. To put, a young, guy up in a position like that and listen. It's it's an all or nothing move in my opinion I agree and there's a reason he's not up there's a. Reason he's not up when Tanaka went down with the he'll with the hamstring issues there's a reason. Why Jonathan LIZA was up from AA now I. Haven't seen him pitch actually seeing him pitch but going through some of the game logs things like that he's only, gone seven, wants he's been like five, five and two third. Six innings pitched. Well but they. Just may be. Spot we're like we're, like we talked. About with Peter Alonzo with the Mets the Mets want him. To face more triple a pitching because it, is closer to what you've seen a big leash you see an awful. Lot of former big leaguers interpolate, I think I might be, similar with Sheffield they want him to see. More triple a. enters they. Want. Him to see some more of the guys that have been in the big leagues before and have an Idea of what they're doing and I can't knock them for that I think that. Sheffield will be on the forty man roster by the time September first rolls around do you think. Is a good idea to put them in against. The Red Sox Fenway not you know we talk about this a lot with and not to be switching sports but Quarterbacks with rookies it's like you. Don't wanna throw him in there and kill their confidence. Psyche and all that stuff I mean that would be such an all or nothing move I just. Can't, imagine the baseball is about. Isn't, a risk. Mitigation what you'll see about, failure and, overcoming failure mostly. The, sport is but it's about risk mitigation and I don't see how. That plays that we talked about what you have over the next month what. You'll see is they, will break a man against one of the lesser teams on the road Yep that's? Exactly what. They'll do, Hello White Sox Rubin in queens group bang quick things two quick things, yeah Keystone, in the clutch okay I. Never, I haven't. Heard that before okay well, this is, a this is. News Out I don't I don't need him, he can go to the dodgers I never wanted a guy. Here the best ways we got his. Third baseman and the. Second baseman into fifty feel is into forty. Five, they don't. Score unless eight home runs that is your. Problem you gotta put the bat on the ball well I'll, I'll I'll indulge, you for a moment with this we know that they don't hit with runners at. Scoring position but yet miraculously there's still scoring a ton of? Ron and they're averaging. Over. Five runs. A game is it time. To. Slide, glaze over into, the cleanup spot Might be I don't have a problem. With that neither do I don't problem with it at all, I mean this, is the thing about glaze over I, feel like how high have they moved him. Up I think he hit cleanup once before twice twice before A moment ago? And well how do you do there I'll find okay Three four nine okay and the two game well here's the. Thing sometimes you heard you've, heard a lot of people talk about this this, is not breaking news but sometimes when guys get into that cleanup spot all of a sudden they feel like they need to be very bonds and labor obviously is hitting for. Power much more power than we were led to believe that even. Had and he seems to be in the middle of all these rallies I just wonder if him going. To clean, up if he tries to do a little bit too much. But, honestly I have. No problem with them clean but even hitting fifth yeah hitting the, great he's done that fourteen times the average is only two forty five but the GS. Eight fifty four home runs and fifteen RBI's in fourteen games? Hitting fifth so why if that's a particular? Area where, you are struggling why not put that guy in that spot I. Mean overall this year is it in three thirteen with Roberson scoring, position amazing why not move? Them up. There Boone. Later on maybe I mean I don't You. Know it's funny because it's like the memories if I'm thinking back of like the great memories of gleyber Torres him being in the, middle of all those bottom of the lineup rallies member earlier this season when the Yankees were winning every. Type away these eighth inning comebacks walk off I mean they were just it was magical a little. Bit in the way that they were. Winning we haven't seen that in a while glacier was really in the, middle of, all that bottom of the lineup magic eight seven. Seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we've got Brian Cashman coming up next hour ten, after four and.

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