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Right i i think that for a couple of years yeah he was in the conversation with tom brady ben roethlisberger and all those guys but i mean eli manning was just like he's got the stats he's got he's at the top 10 in passer yacht passing yards top10 and passing touchdowns two super bowls i mean i think he's seventh alltime touchdown sixth alltime passing yards but we've never really thought of ally manning as an elite quarterback and it's weird because like i said he's going to be a first ballot hall of famer or at least he should be all right and as far as joe flaco goes like i can't believe we've ever had that conversation nowadays like a nohunt sides 2020 and all that but man joe flack was a brutal quarterback now but nonetheless going back to ozzie newsham i mean the guy's always been able like just not even like bigname town or anything like that he just finds guys who fit the system and fit in and do their job well all right i mean he did the ravens have never had a strong offense by any means but somehow some way they've always been good enough to help get there and there i'm tom about like to the playoffs the super bowls all right i mean look at this past season middle bremen's one nine and seven the yeah they missed out in the playoffs but nonetheless i mean that's a winning record right there her mean you had you guys legal mike wallace german macklin and you as you receivers in both of those guys were hurt throughout the year you had gallic alex collins and buck allenby running backs they played well let me known where lee went top much abound before this year and then i guess say joe flaco play poorly and even the defense is kind of took a step back but even then still played well swazi newsham is always done well.

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