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Independent independent life this is Chad that with that I thank them all for their leadership in their service and I'm now going to proceed to sign the articles all and with that she signed died articles with numerous hands I started a congressman and a big headache collars and why did why you know people as one no like wires do what politicians sign these big things they signed a so many fans just like well they had about to their friends and some of them will go into your libraries and things like first store coal but she was handed them out and there's a blonde lady who got a pen and took a picture that's too closely and it was like when you like a like a little kid who who gets to meet their star that they've been other Jr hero all and then I said the only thing that came to my mind after that is three four years from now you can be sitting there on TV I mean you said to watch TV it could be watching pawn stars and so he could come in my grandma gave me this it's a well it depends from our the impeachment ceremony when Nancy Pelosi signed the actual articles impeachment and rich like wow and then go through all the whole thing what do you what Ford and then you guys can be like because everybody was over estimates for a million dollars because I I you thousand Bucks Withrow is made up there's a guy yesterday as well as in I don't know it's he gives it was some KGB uniforms he was like a million Bucks for regular you've been on our books so from there so she signs at all right judge take this more seriously it's hard to take it serious when the pump and circumstance you think it can't get any weirder than this then the articles are signed and dated gets weirder because then they take the articles over to the Senate right so you have a parade of all of the managers secure Jeffries Nadler and share Finn and everybody's wandering over there to buy to like it's Kenny garden right and now there's like I think it was as far away my god I'm like my ears are killing me so they walk it over there and I was just wait for miss makan ago we've delivered the article Mitch is like I'll leave it at the door we'll get later but he goes all the articles have been received by the way we're going to a vote on the NCAA tomorrow yes and she all the pomp and circumstance kids so it's here it's official yes it's been delivered we've officially invited the house managers to come to the Senate tomorrow at noon to exhibit their articles of impeachment to exhibit to walk around like this it is an art gallery it's interesting when Nancy signed she's very angry I like the flow here because it tells a lot about it goodness me so there you have kids so that they get in by the president over Hey come on over guess what you got some in the mail no from Amazon nope from Nancy's on there so where we go they've signed it instead the pop ads are just I could do without I think a lot of us can do without my my kid can we all I told Congress debates like if you guys can do this next time and there's gonna be a next time and he said that too he said they're already looking up more order they're already looking at more things to to add on so it goes imagine being in a trial and they're going to die he says don't be surprised if during the middle of it that they decide to add more articles on to this so imagine being in the middle of the trial and they could add more charges on and rather those be separate is gonna go right into it so and then throughout the day on the floor you know all of them have their opportunity come out and to you know say the things that you know that they wanted to say Nancy delivered her stuff earlier today and the rest of the time it was just the usual Hey here's a chance to say some this was always an exercise in raw offers and politics contrary to the warnings of our founders and over the last month we saw the justification for running the fastest pass tennis and weakest impeachment Eric in history crumble I came across your there so minority in the house the Republicans it is what it is so we got we know who is going to be leading this and that is gonna be out of shift so so they they they elected their managers today and they went through the whole pomp circumstance devoted and again it's all palm circumstance we could I I have to be I'm I like tradition but for me I'm also like it's a time tradition like at some point in time so I I don't know if we need all of this so the way it goes they've been elected or nominated to be the managers it goes like this Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler so we Lofgren she's been through this will be her third your name she did something on the Nixon but never got there but she was a part of that she told us she could not so much Johnson you don't know much had again with the maintenance but she's also there for that's a lot of these were for for Clinton and then here we go with now this guy came Jeffries Val Deming's adjacent crown of Colorado and still be Garcia and Nancy wanted to put people in place where prosecutors who who are not only familiar with what they're doing is talking about being a part of this but also people that are familiar with the court room and know their way around because for lack of better term these are the people you're prosecuting the case so the invite trouble over Tom Hey guess what surprised you been peaceably I'll I got you guys didn't have to give me that the best impeachment all time as this impeachment and then the battle began and nothing's gonna change what you thought about trump last week you still think about it what you thought about whether not you liked him right I love them that's all nothing's changed none of this stuff is change what we saw today was things that were going to happen that was absolutely easily since the day he's been president it's not if but when the when is now here and it doesn't matter what the wise anymore a few minutes ago the Senate was notified that the house of representatives is finally ready to proceed with their articles of impeachment so by unanimous consent we have just laid some of the groundwork that will structure the next several days yeah and the way they looking at doing everything and this is all subject to change because they'll either be off Monday because you know they're in the back for a couple weeks but it's mark with king days so I have a feeling it's fair all in probably take the day off so Tuesday they'll get up and running and if all goes to plan and then deal everything subject change right like well you know the reality is is they'll listen to all of these the evidence is they place them out there and then shift and everybody a lay everything out from there they'll discuss among themselves they'll debates they'll have some questions and answers and then they will decide much like the deal with Clinton do we want to introduce more evidence and new witnesses but trump is you know he's blocking the block in a lot which look Giuliani I understand right like did you really are a thing I got no problem with that right because it usually blocking huge you should enable at this point in time you should call Hillary go Hey like like if you use a guy like this is like a syndicate is like never murder ink you member back in the day as the is it was like an accident and she's gonna be like talk to the clean because she knows a lot of stuff to the queen's like listen what do you do with the thing if you want to get rid of what do you want to get rid it'd make it now now Megan is now yeah this Rudy Rudy he wanted to be on the team like yeah three two three five three eight forty four twenty three at Javits shows your Twitter somebody who is a staunch trump supporter said to me today and just I mean just like this guy is sold for trump right like super sold for trump he said to me that I'm gonna give it to you to reduce the I like I know right god you can't make this stuff up man this is the great thing and I was thinking about this today you know like Monday your grand kids are going to be learning about this in school in that weird you like and you live through it in a real way like that's that's kind of cool that's that's I like that about it would you go back like you know eagles rice school if you like me through the eighties right you know the end you're going through these things and you're looking at the history books and like your grandparents in your is you know the end your parents in some cases it even some case you're great rivers they live through these things and it's so weird and now we're living through you know now it's even you know we've lived through the Clinton thing and those are in some books now and you know now this that's that's history the pomp and circumstance I like the history but at some point times like we get we get speeded up three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Shedd Benson shows your Twitter feel free to tweet at me you could tax the program as well love hearing from.

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