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Is Randy Adams. I'm sorry. My mic was known. I got Josh online land. Facebook people might have been hearing me, but I was a little off. I forgot to turn my mic on. I'm sorry. We got a new system here and this out of my pay scale. But hell of Josh how you doing? Very good. Thank you. Randy. Hey, I was wanting your opinion on a twenty eighteen Ford fusion hybrid. They're not going to build cars anymore. Forge not abandoned the ship. Really? Yup. Check. Yeah. They're going to quit building cars because they've had so much problem with them. That's gotta CBD transmission. And I'm not real crazy about that. Also, the hybrid you need a big discount on them. Because just case you don't like it. You wanna wholesale it in the next year or two they're not going to bring much money. They're not real popular. What are they work right now? You know, you can give me a call eight three zero seven eight four seven eight nine s my mobile everybody, write it down. But I'll you can call me right after this show. I'll look it up and take xactly what they're doing. But they're doing so more around twelve thirteen with good MAs. What kind of miles on it? Seven thousand slow malls. Like, it did they they already traded it in eight thousand ignored or no I want to know what it's worth if I if I sell it. Nineteen. Yeah, you're looking at a nineteen. No, I bought it for nineteen thousand in change. I think nineteen eight I can look at it. But I'm pretty sure they're in the twelve to thirteen thousand dollar range is leather loaded up or is it cloth. There. It's going to be there doing auctioner done around twelve to thirteen grand. Wow. How about that? Well, but you know, you understand when you buy a new car, and you drive off showroom floor drop immediately in you know, just depends on one. Yeah. I think the I think M R P was like at twenty six thousand well, but forge going to quit building. And they'll drop that they put that big MS RPM up there. So they can give big discounts to sell them. Yeah. I'll say. What are you going next? Well, I liked hybrids. Because of the mileage I agree, and I don't even know big rush. You know, I don't need to be driving fast. But it has really good pick up. I'm not good enough. Good enough miles a gallon up. Very roomy. I think you just hang onto it and Bryant drive Adela quits. Yeah. One of the reasons why I called is because I can't get the the gas tank door open. Well, it's born affords better ideas. You know? Yeah. Okay. Randy and. Hello, Lou Lou on land on line, three, delete. Thank you for calling Randy Adams how you doing? I'm doing okay, but good to speak with you. Thank you. I hear some of your comments and things on advice on that you could pour into the engine to I've been using since nineteen seventy bear b twelve. And you can buy sometimes HEB on sale you by WalMart and all your local departments, it cleans your injectors, it cleans your fuel pump. And it's the cheapest and around most of them you can buy for three bucks three seventeen. The other injector cleaners are they they run twelve to fifteen dollars. I've been used Berman's b twelve since nineteen seventy. Transmissions of core. Any kind of transmission fluid in as best tuneup. There is in the country. What about like a blown head gasket? Is there anything they can do need? Call me afterwards. And I'll tell you what's going on my phone numbers. Call me today tonight right after the show or call me Tamar, my number's eight three zero seven eight four seven eight nine. We'll talk about it a little bit. What kind of car has got blown head gasket nineteen ninety four tars. Yeah. That's possibility. It's a possibility. But I've got some stuff I've got to three different options to give you can see which one you wanna try. Okay. So you all the program at around ten tonight and if not tomorrow afternoon after. Back on the phone trying to catch an answer any question. You got. Thank you very much rich in line one. How you doing rich? Thank you for calling. Randy Adams learning to buy and sell cars dot com. Hillerich? Yep. Can you hear me? Yes, sir. Hero run into any old cargo van straight six straight sixes are getting tough to find most of them are V sixes. How are you talking about? I'm talking about any age straight sixes. It goes back what and pretty close. Middle nineties and older. There's a Moran. There's some possibilities. Problem is I got three four hundred thousand miles on them. So that's the. No one cheap with good body. You can get Motari built. I use Yankee over there off of Dan. Ackerman. Yeah. Right now, I got an f one fifty pick-up in my life. I've been driving a cargo van and I'm really not happy with the pick up. Well, you know, there's a lot of cargo vans. I love cargo vans. Just a just too good to everybody. So, but do you know, you might give me a call at my office or give me a column on mobile now writer number name down. And if I can't locate you one, okay, a straight six, preferably Randy. Yes. Or Ford or Chevrolet dead matter Ford, be better. Yeah. Well, especially between three hundred six they'll run forever. I know. All right. Thank you. Thank you Bill. Got Bill online. Hello bill. How you doing tonight? I'm doing okay. How are you doing great? Yes, sir. You gotta pay. You said they're gonna quick building. Ford cars equipped building Mustangs to you know. I don't know. I don't think they are. I think the Mustang is going to stay, but they're little the little cars are going to do away with. And that's what they announced three or four months ago. Don with them. Well, tell iota and Honda both and look what they're building a better car than they used to technologies Yasser is exploding. And it seemed like Ford is is lacking behind and GM's not much better. I I, you know, they don't their cars are better. Now that crows best car that cameras. A great car Honda Civic is not quite in. My opinion is good as a as a Toyota, and I do a lot of business nor Park Day iota, San Antonio, love them. They treated me great ever since the door years ago. Say what you said about him quick Bill and cars, I couldn't believe they put Bill in the Mustang. So. The Camaro, right. Well, they are Celica Meryl. Yeah. But they still got to compete with. I mean, they keep it there. Just to just to have it just to beat them in Greenwich him. From now must thanks too big of a seller. But I'm talking about their little cars. We haven't problems with focuses and infusions. And and you know, they're just they're tough to sell them when they get a few miles on them. You'd better get ready to go to work. Here's her. Okay. I just wondered back you might. Thank you, Richard. L K, folks. We've got open lands. We got Richard left is that. Right. Hello, richard. How you doing? Great. What do you think about the ego boost in the nineteen f one fifty s long as you don't pull nothing? They're fine. You go to pull them putting a strain on them. They're not going to last. We're having had problems. We're having turbo problems. We're having rattling problems go to Redland. Okay. Because I have a twenty sixteen the regular three point three aspirated engine. Right. And that's a better one. You think? Yup. But b twelve and transmission fluid in it. And it'll last okay. Okay. Thank we're going to take a short break here in just a minute. And give us a call. We got open lines to ten southern seven twelve hundred. This is Randy and learn to buy and sell cars dot com. About the good the bad and the ugly. I want to buy your cartel.

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