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The question is a big one for me. I as you know occurred. I don't think it ever occurred to me directly. But it's certainly routine today that i clearly made a realization with my wallet but you know one lines taken was costing the same as three four five canadians ticks now. Obviously those are different fan experiences. I think but still gave me pause that people my age. Who i'm forty now but you know people who are sort of ten years ago late twenties early thirties. We're shifting away from what the lions had to offer and going for a bit more fun bit more of a You know kind of carnival atmosphere but you know what i mean you go to seize. Amy know what you're expecting and it's a good fine. It's a good time and the lions just have haven't had that buzz in quite some time and that more more than anything. I think is something they need to figure out how to get that back because it should be fun time. It should be good time to go down there. I have fond memories of going there. Twenty years ago and action jackson scoring four touchdowns and just the kind of energy in the crowd and the energy of game. And you know..

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