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Weather around the Yates. Tomorrow is Mother's day and candlelit bags will line the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial is part of a nationwide fund raiser being carried out by empower her, a group that supports young women coping with the death of their mother, spokeswoman Laura Shay on NBC four illuminating Lincoln Memorial with these whimsical display of luminarias, it's just gonna be very magical and we're really excited about it. Each candle lit bag is purchased by donors from around the world with the money going to empower her programs, including mentorship programs and a Mother's Day retreat. As schools get back to normal. There will be fewer options for virtual learning, but there still will be options. It will be for a limited number of students. For very specific purposes in Arundel County Superintendent George Our Lotto, that student that might have A physical disability. Um, uh, that student that may have a specific family circumstance. That student would still have to at least be in the third grade details are still being worked out. But our Lotto says, while there'd be some one on one time, it won't look much like this year's virtual learning program. When students had to show up on their computer at a certain time, it will be predominantly asynchronous learning. Is that is the best practice in the virtual academy. John Doman. W T. O P News students return to the classrooms. They may not be sitting very far apart thoroughly. CDC guidelines suggest students stay three FT. Apart in classrooms in Alexandria, where five day a week in person learning will be in place in the fall, that may not be possible. Superintendent Dr Gregory Hutchings says some classrooms are too small for that standard. But that doesn't mean schools won't be safe. We will still be able to provide all of the health and safety mitigations. We will be sure that we are, you know, incorporating anything that we need to ensure the safety of our students and our staff. Arlington County is saying something similar. Fairfax County says it will make decisions about how far apart kids will be closer to when school starts in August. Kyle Cooper. W T O P NEWS It's 9 23 coming up next in money news, who was a record setting week for the markets? Get in the ring with Bette MGM and you can win $100 for a $1 wager on the championship boxing showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders. Just use bonus code w T O P 100. If Canelo wins is super middleweight bout, you'll receive $100 back in free bets. Experience Fight night with the king of.

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