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And the voice of the chicago cubs the one and only lancaster in bruce. I'll start with you. Because today we saw the press conference and it seemed to be the perfect move made by tom. Ricketts and really looks very good right now for the cubs because the continuity factor of having an executive who has been there for all the success and the building over the last nine years and now at the same time of fresh face somebody with his own ideas. Somebody they'll bring in his own general manager to help move this forward so i think you have the best of both worlds. i think. that's how the ricketts family looked at this. Yeah you make a good point. Bruce about continuity and i just wanna add on a personal note. Jet is so well respected throughout the industry and the fact that he went from running his own organization in san diego to come and join. Theo in chicago the fact that now he gets to head this organization nine years in waiting. It's been a great nine years. There have been some challenges along the way and some amazing successes. And i just feel very happy for him on a personal level That jed gets this opportunity to lead the organization through at least twenty twenty-five taking a look at social media absolute outpouring for jed. Hoyer you see this one. Jed hoyer deserves this asked had cubs. There's no doubt about that. Jed taking over as president of baseball operations softens the blow of the epsteins stepping down jettison full control. I trust this guy. Sure he's glad that he has your trust in last but not least in all caps appears. If he's yelling at jed hoyer is my guy so one thing we do know is so far. It's been a busy off. Season theo epstein. He resigned jedi warrier is given a new post with the chicago cubs so lent when it comes to the next domino to fall for jed. What do you think it's gonna be well with all this talk about the core and the twenty twenty one Free agency looming. The biggest question right now guys is a starting rotation now only has yu darvish kyle hendricks and probably alec mills. You've got free agents john lester. Jose king tana tyler chat would so i think the starting rotation is probably the biggest thing right now. The cubs are going to have to tackle that. That is certainly something very important. But i i believe addressing the issue of the core four and the name of kris bryant being out there and so prevalent in conversations and rumors out there it appears teams like washington the dodgers possibly to other teams of looking at bringing in a big foot third baseman He's making the most money of any of the core four out There has been some frigid times between the brian. Camp of by scott. Boris the agent and the cubs so from my perspective. I think keep your eye on the bryant situation and that happening sooner rather than later yeah moves to be made but that shouldn't be a problem for the new president of baseball operations for the chicago cubs jet hoyer. He's ready to the ground and hit the ground running. And that's going to do it for the special edition of the weekly podcast. Brought to you by wintrust. But don't forget download and subscribe the.

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