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World is listening financial capital of the world twenty four hours a day on the Bloomberg business and this is Bloomberg radio all Bloomberg world headquarters signed Charlie we move into the final are trading on this Thursday November seventh the down the S. and P. nasdaq all higher trading it records right now but we are well off our session higher risk on rally the grip local financial markets is U. S. China trade talk show signs of progress has faltered after Reuters reported that the plan to roll back some tariffs is meeting with resistance in the White House right now the S. and P. five hundred index up ten a gain of three tenths of one percent the Dow up two hundred three points up eight tenths of one percent nasdaq up thirty two that is a gain of four tenths of one percent ten year down thirty thirty seconds the old one point nine two percent as for markets in trade Chris Harvey is head of equity strategy at Wells Fargo securities we're actually starting to worry because typically when markets are higher sentiment starts to turn positive chunk it's a little bit more aggressive the Chinese are starting to push and trump doesn't have a whole let's just say a whole lot of patience so we always thought lead in two thousand nineteen we get something on the table we're getting there but we're starting to get a little bit worried if we don't see something sooner rather than later among the companies scheduled for sport earnings today after the close of trading the Walt Disney company shares up now by one percent the online travel agencies plunging today among them Expedia after earnings down twenty six point six percent tripadvisor tumbling twenty one point one percent Ralph Lauren rose after the apparel maker reported same store sales growth in three of its regions Ralph Lauren pop by fourteen point three percent Ford suffering its first loss in early voting on a four year labor contract with the majority of you a W. members out of six floor SUV factory in Chicago opposing the proposed back contacted gold down one point four percent fourteen sixty nine Beyonce West Texas intermediate crude up one point one percent fifty six ninety nine about so again recapping a rally under way with the down the S. and P. and nasdaq all climbing to records S. and P. of eleven a gain there of four tenths of one percent I'm Charlie palette and that is a Bloomberg business flash you're listening to Bloomberg businessweek with Carol Masur Angie's in Kelly on Bloomberg radio I'm gonna tell you right Donna is going down Rick is gonna just made between Carol master initially with Harvey Keitel now we decided Howard Cosell I'm not sure that's any better yeah say what we your phone the only what it looks like Margot Robbie hearing witnesses my levitation Kelly.

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