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We ain't going to be putting these front guys like selby per sale. Those guys right there like if we don't have we don't have those guys we can't be as good as we want to be or just going to our job. Which is be in tom's harder so it's a blessing that we got great guys in front of those like shelby steele in awe. Flu got great great ends and everything but if we didn't have those guys it'll make our job tents on harder so that's why we able to flow and make plays just as good as we do because we got great guys holding up holding up offers allama and not let climb as fast and be able to flow and move is man. Appreciate you for your time but right before you go. I want i want to give you a chance to talk about your cheese beast and you know give you chance to you know. Get some publicity out there and talk about your brand. I'm glad to say that. I'll be getting about when i'm all about. The forty five is actually a. It's a clothing. Ron i started scott cd. Forty five stands for chief beasts and contained believing and chief comes from. You know chief you notice as a leader. The beast is usually. Spn wanted to base so you can be a leader and one of the best of your feels. That's that's pretty much achieve based than the continue believing just would what it says in itself no matter your situation. No matter your circumstances you always gotta contain believing in yourself and believe in god you overcome anything and you can actually find on march on chief beasts dot com and you know he goes shop. Got some pretty cool sweat. Sweaters as a be great for football season may say those out and a t shirt that says roar so i think yeah seems fitting right shelby. A t shirt that says roar for alexander the way he is on the field as if it's the man perfectly alexander i appreciate you coming on and taking the time. No it's it's hard to time during camp. So i appreciated my man you know and i hope i hope we can. We can help each other. Gets each other's goals man. trust me. i know threat. That's why those don't be way easier team because you dominate like already know like we felt when you went in there facility near dominate. We've got great guys who's liable besides behind ya but just y'all to in the you know. Have you guys just said the party. And without without without y'all you know we will never be able to be a be seen in the stuff we would need to do on the field to help the team so and also thank you for having me on the podcast in a blessing. Say everybody appreciative there. They have it. Your broncos daily podcast for second day training camp thursday here. It is july twenty ninth if you're going.

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