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Over the holiday break. Yeah i mean we. We're not going to see the full mardi gras that if there is any for a couple of weeks But you know. I think it would be it would be nice to know roughly what our baseline is as high school. Students are returning before we could expect a potential mardi gras bike right. We did have the district issue like three line. Press release yesterday saying you know school starts for monday which is kinda the same thing they did last break. But that that release didn't include any numbers about positively ear anything related to kovin and just it just after the mardi gras honda now. Obviously the city's the city's case tracker is still going and in many ways that you know has it provides more comprehensive information in a lot of ways though it doesn't actually it doesn't actually break which cases are are related to schools in some way but it does it does give you better information in other ways right and those those numbers have been trying to any a good direction but again it's a question of what is our testing capability bed during the holiday yet. The union representatives. That you speak to have you talked to them. At all about their response to the cassisi on their behalf from kamala harris and the biden administration that in contradiction to the cdc guidelines. Yeah without spoken specifically about that. I think i think nationally. There's august a big movement to get teachers vaccine before returning to the classroom and i think that's even more of a. It's a tough for controversial subject in places where teachers students had not returned classroom at all throughout this entire year. So here. I think it is a little bit less of a sticking point because we've been we have been back in the classroom and also the union doesn't have a platform they don't they know they don't have any. They're only a handful of collective bargaining contracts in the city. So it's it's not the same type of conversation how would happen here But at the union would absolutely. I think advocate for teachers to be back stated before they interact students right as far as the the presidential party. Line they they. They did advocate for teachers to be vaccinated before returning to classroom. A also acknowledged that. That's not part of the cdc guidelines. So it's pretty interesting interesting stance. Oh again in terms of cdc recommendations. I mean the cdc's stands at the moment and has been dead transmissions can be effectively controlled inside classrooms. Right right if you're if you're using a mask if your distance That i think our schools are pretty. Well set up to do that. Generally speaking especially when thirty to forty percent of the population was still staying at home. So they're more room and classrooms than a typical sized classroom. Right good point all right thanks. Marta an update on this story. Louisiana governor john. Bel edwards announced on thursday. That teachers will be added to the eligibility lists for the vaccine beginning next week. You're listening to behind the lens on. Caroline heldman my guest this week. Weaker education reporter mark juicin' health reporter philip kiefer and the lens editor charles maldonado. Hi i'm michael stein. And i covered new orleans. Cultural economy and local government. Here at the lens is to report stories that others aren't or can't increasingly traditional newsrooms are facing budget cuts and have been curtailing long-term investigative reporting because it tends to be the most expensive kind of work. We're here to fill that gap. Please consider helping us. do this. Important work by making a tax deductible donation. Now at the lens nola dot org slash donate. Thanks for your support philip. A two lane school of medicine administrator has been demoted from her position last week. She says the move was in retaliation for a discrimination lawsuit. She's filed against the university. Who is she. What's her background. What's going on here. So her name is. Dr princess dinar. She was an administrator overseeing a residency program within the tulane school of medicine Just by way of background. She was hired in two thousand eight as the medical director for a separate program within the med school within a year. So by two thousand nine she was hired to be the co program director of the medicine pediatrics residency at the tulane school of medicine which means she was overseeing residents people who graduated from medical school but still need to go through the process of getting hands on experience deferred completing their their education And pretty soon after that She became the program director. She was the first black women program director at the two lanes for medicine in the program was leading medicine. Pediatrics are meant Dishing substantially less white than other residencies according to her lot sear. It became nervous under her leadership which becomes sort of a key. Part of the discrimination lawsuit just a couple things. First of all that she is still employed School of medicine ride. This is kind of a demotion. She received last week exactly. Yeah and the second thing. Is that this that she filed was filed well-advanced Back in october. What was the sort of genesis of that suit. Your lawsuit.

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