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Gender salvo in displays an accident malpractice road at two we avenue. This is with reported entrapment unhinged AL route eighty three at Ogden avenue. Another crash another one on route eighty three in the buffalo grove area northbound shutdown between Deerfield Parkway and Arlington heights road that one involves injuries over in wheeling still for this earlier injury accident McHenry road both northbound and southbound between Weiland in Brookvale drive close and indisp- lanes wolf road, both directions between Dempster, and we will drive still also shut down the outbound. Edens thirty to lake cook lake cook into the junction, fifty six minutes. No accidents. Just heavy traffic. Eighteen out to Montross on the outbound. Kennedy thirty two out to the airport. The express lanes going to save three minutes is all the inbound side and our from O'Hare into downtown thirty in from Montrose is in our thirty seven Mannheim, fifty four to three ninety in our in eight from Thorndale back into the old post office forty-three in from Mannheim. The Stevenson fifty nine minutes to the tri-state in our and thirteen out to three fifty five. But the inbound side is forty nine from three fifty five thirty one in from two ninety four. The Dan Ryan thirty six minutes out to ninety fifth street thirty five from ninety fifth back into downtown. And I fifty seven at a few minutes worth of delays between the Dan Ryan and halston traffic. Sponsored by blue EMU blue EMU supports healthy muscles and joints, blue EMU works fast. And you won't stink for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts up team hockberg just search T R A F, I X Chicago. I'm John desalvo WGN traffic central and.

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