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We lining profile got somebody most of those people who interact with any they if he moves that he has the mentally ill that didn't want my daughter guilty people experience they have it they have a concern about if he's he's mentally so that's what we align in for some out also he'd been known could aplly the authorities say that they they do know him he is known to police in 2015 the rcmp investigated mr sherry floor at quote espousing extremist ideology i he was not charged on saturday police say they found an isis flag on a car windshield so this is what we do now the police are saying know anything about his background where he came from when he came when he came from somalia and what family he has here he has no family hair members of key amendments on fellow fatah what we learn in from an order of those people who i mean what are we learning from the people who will familiar with him fulfill foty very difficult to get him uh in baghdad on if it wished and he had asked if you're saying that this this mr sharif issar was what you've been able to learn is that he had no family here he seemed to have no connections he's not known to anybody that just kind of they got understanding they think he had mental problems how would you describe perhaps how he was living what may have been his life before he made this violent move.

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