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It. Have you ever spent a bunch of time? Brainstorming email subject lines only to be disappointed by the open rate why not just text to users and said S. Open rates are ninety eight percent. Send out a download link to your APP. Let us know about a new release or provide two-way customer support. Simple texting makes it easy tax code story to five five five eight eight eight and get an instant demo and fifty percent off your first month. Seriously grab your phone right now and do it. Text code story all caps all one word to five five eight eight eight data and message rates apply use texts to instantly connect with new and existing users. Today sign up at simple texting dot com slash coat story. Dial into that first episode a little bit more. You know you talked about grabbing. Hold of what you could grab a hold of and and just going for it right and in doing that and most people building. Mvp's an early versions prototypes of product. They gotta grab a hold of what they know and then just built so and in doing that they have to make decisions and trade offs in the short term in the hopes of getting something out there. So what sort of decisions and trade us you have to make while you were doing that I was one person and when I listened to my inspiration which is like this American life and radio lab. You hear the credits at the end. And there's twenty people on those shows. I knew I couldn't make a show that good like die. I just knew that from the beginning and so I kind of switched my inspiration to try to find shows that were similar to what I wanted to make but were made by one or two people and I did find if you showed the show criminal is made by two people They have a third person at the beginning. That kind of did some mixing but they would have been okay which is to people right so they had three but they would have been okay we too. And then there was a couple of other shows like First Day back was another one that I found I was like oh my Gosh. One person made this is crazy. In millennial was another one I gave one person can make these shows and they're not like the best shows out there but they're but they're what I wanNA make right then? That's kind of the bar. I need to set in so I I went from amazingly great podcast of this American life to do something that was just like okay. There's a lot less whizbang in some of these other winds. There's a lot less you know Polish and I think that's okay. Hey I think this story is going to be able to stand up still and I think I can learn over time and you know get better that was I think the biggest trade offs just knowing that I'm a one person show here and there's only so much can do and there's so many times where I was working on an episode in the early days where I know the episode needed more time but I just couldn't spend more time on it like after you spend one hundred hours on something that is just going to be listened to for like a half an hour. You know it's like okay. How much time do I really so I just kind of put a cap on things? Even though I know it should have been better. I had to just give up after awhile until I mean those are some of the trade offs. I think as you start to release episodes. How did you progress the show? How did you progress? The pod and end mature you went about making the show how you went about producing the show and even if applicable growing your team listener feedback was crucial at the beginning. So I wanted to know you know elect like I was saying earlier. When did you turn it off? How many episodes that you listen to. How many people do to tell to listen? You know at the these are the kind of some interesting things I needed to know. And then once I get those answers I can. I can kind of dial into it and say okay. What what part did you turn off or did I do the story justice? I did a lot of tweaking based on right so I I learned a lot one of the most important things to me was to make sure I was factual about what I was reporting. Or storytelling on so really really dive into the news and crime reports whatever police reports and stuff to make sure it was doing right so I was asking a lot of people who knew the story as well. How close was I to the truth? And then they would tell me like oh you got it right but there was this or that and so I would learn how to improve the research as well so yeah I mean I was just getting a lot of listener feedback at the beginning when I knew that the show was great right so without even asking people for feedback. I was getting people telling me like at all and more or I sat my family down to listen to it and they love it or I just can't get enough of this. Can you just please give me more? I knew I knew I just had. I had something at that point to just kind of put kerosene on and set it on fire and say let's do this and it was kind of early that I got that you know like four six episodes and people are like yes the ass this is what. How do I help you to the point where you can just do this? Fulltime supply me tons of episodes because this is great. But it's important to have that before going forward right and it's Kinda like you said that. Mvp of making sure that whatever problem you're solving is really solving it for the for the people for the customers in this case listeners. And so I mean I have tried to market it or or tried to make money on it and all that but that was not an intention because I wanted to make sure it was good I i WanNa make sure the audience loved it before going forward and that was a critical part of growing it. Another thing was just practice. Like I knew I had to put out like fifteen or twenty episodes before I felt confident at doing this and so to me. It was kind of a race at the beginning. How can I just get through that as fast as again? And so at the beginning I was actually doing weekly episodes now. I do every other week. I just really wanted to experience under my belt as well as a competitive advantage to like some of my competitors because at after I launched. Kinda saw that there were a few other shows similar to mine saw so I WANNA be like this new guy anymore. I kind of want like fifteen or twenty episodes out there so it seems like Oh. Wow this guy You know has been around for a while. I was just trying to get as many as I could out to practice to get feedback on into get that competitive edge as well as finding the stories took a lot of effort to kind of the first phase of it all. Oh and finding my voice right like what I was saying earlier is practicing all kinds of different podcasters voices like lots of different accents and styles and methods. I was imitating Aaron. Minke and Malcolm Gladwin IRA glass and and the people at Radio loud and so many other podcasters to see what is it like. What is my show sound like in that style you know after like twenty or thirty episodes? I finally found my style that I kind of feel comfortable with or as mine and at this point. I don't even know where I took it from because I just kept taking it from all these places that it's it's all just kind of melded into one and I think those were kind of early days as well of growing everything so looking at dark nick. Diaries looking what you've built. You've got great listener feedback. People can't get enough. You've got great stories. You've found your voice. How did you figure out what was next? Do we'll next. I knew was marketing. And just getting the thing to spread. I think there's three phases to podcasting. One is to make a great podcast which I think is by far the hardest part without making something great. You're GONNA have a hard time marketing. It you're gonNA have a hard time getting it off the ground so you need to start with the great so I felt like I had that part done. And then the next phase is marketing and in the last phases sustaining it or otherwise making money off of it right so keeping it going is kind of hard and making money helps doing now. The next phase was marketing yet. So I had about three thousand twitter followers at the time when I started so that was a place to market it. I also had a blog. That was pretty popular and I was able to put a nice little banner on. They're saying listen to this podcast. And so just on. Average about seven clicks a day from that banner and that was really good to seven new listeners. A day just from my blog is a nice funnel and still to this date. There's nothing that has more referral links on my own block which I've been featured in New York Times and and virgin you know all these other places so finding that all these other big publications can't send more traffic to my blog to my website to my podcast own little blog. But yeah I mean these places that I was starting at in. It wasn't a big boost. It was seven today. That was kind of what I was looking at is. How can I make this ten a day? How can I make this twelve a day? You know new new clicks to my website news listeners. And so I was doing things like okay. Gary Chalk really kicked my butt mentally and said you need to produce thirty pieces of content day on social media so as I'm fine I'll try your way because I really. I mean this is what I do. I try everyone's method to see what method is most effective to me so I made an instagram. I made a facebook. I made a link. Din made of sub Grad. I made all these places and I said okay. Let's just post here like crazy so I sat up Edgar. I don't know I queued up like three months or six months where the content and then I told it to publish it like once a day or twice a day and so it would kind of cycles through a ton of post queued up so it took me like three weeks to queue up all these posts and pretty much way. I would do it. Like two out of ten posts would be self promotion like listen to this podcast. Or here's a quote from my podcast. And then the other like eight out of ten posts were inspirational or crazy news that I read or something funny. A lot of them were jokes and memes and just kind of putting content out there so that would be shared and uploaded and recycled and people would find being followed me and you know because you wanna lead with just give them content straightaway on social media. Don't make them go to another website to get the content so if I was giving them something wild or crazy or an interesting just instantly then that was more likely for them to follow me and if they're following me now it's more likely for me to get them to listen so I kinda knew this funnel. I went crazy on social media. My goal is to get to ten thousand followers on all the platforms. So ten thousand followers and inscribed thousand followers on twitter ten thousand followers on facebook. I did meet that goal but it took about a year and with this like this kind of I don't know it's something magic about ten thousand. Where kind of unlocks extra features like an instagram? You get to do things at ten thousand you could tell like add links shoe stories basically and some other stuff but there's also something we're when you post it. It's a lot more likely to hit like a training thing so when people are just bored and just kind of seeing. What's cool out there? You're you're Kinda gets showed up there because now you've got ten thousand people who may be liking it so if you get like a hundred likes on the first day that's a lot more likely to be trending versus somebody. Who has you know twenty followers post something and gets to likes so you know it was a big deal for me to just kill it on social media and I think it worked. I do think Gary for kicking my butt to get on there and do it because social media has been a phenomenal place for me to market the thing and pretty much. Almost all three there was a couple of places where I I did. End Up paying just to kind of experiment in and get over kind of some homes but.

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