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How can we get more of it before we hear from them? Let's hear from America's youngest voters teens and twenty somethings who turned out in the midterms and big waves. Young voters are much more engaged than in the past. What's behind that? And what might it mean for the twenty twenty races? We always love to hear from you. So comment on our Facebook page or tweet us at one A. Kinton? I'm Shay Stevens Virginia Lieutenant governor, Justin. Fairfax denies sexually assaulting a woman during the two thousand four democratic national convention in Boston their backs hired the same law firm that represented then supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh during his confirmation hearing a word of warning here. The following report by WCBS's, Ben pave your contains language that may be inappropriate for some young listeners. Scripts college professor, Vanessa Tyson accuses Fairfax are forcing her to have oral sex in two thousand four a charge. He denies Tyson took her accusations to the Washington Post a little more than a year ago. That's when Fairfax hired the Washington DC firm of Wilkinson Walsh escalates. According to a partner with the firm the post ended up not running the story after it couldn't confirm Tyson's accusations. But the firm is still representing Fairfax. When the accusations surfaced again this week the firm representing Cavanaugh during his supreme court com. Information hearings after Stanford professor Christine Blasi Ford accused him of sexual assault NPR reported on Tuesday that Tyson is hired the same firm that represented Blasi Ford during those proceedings for NPR news. I'm Ben pager in Richmond. A prominent figure on the sidelines of Tuesday state of the union address was socialist democratic freshman congresswoman, Alexandra Cossio Cortes. She was among dozens of female lawmakers wore white the color favored by Suffragettes who fought for women's right to vote. Cortes tells NPR Steve Inskeep that our election shows a shift and the nation's political landscape a year ago, I was bartending and a year later in the last year I in in my race, I defeated the fourth most powerful democrat while outspent four million to three hundred thousand by primary day, and I think that there's a lot of other teachers, and nurses and police officers, and whomever out there activists saying wait, maybe I can do that to the full interview with Cortez can be heard Thursday on morning edition. Protesters gathered outside the Alabama attorney general's office Wednesday to protest is decision to exonerate a police officer who killed them all patron on thanksgiving. Troy public radio's Kyle Gasset has more. After protesters marched to the door of attorney general Steve marshal's office. Emancipate Bradford senior the father of the victim. Emancipate Bradford junior spoke openly about his pain muscle on it's gone. Do you understand the feeling that I have every night when I lay down at night. In a memories. I got on my child when he was y'all got older. You don't feel my plane. Marshals report concludes the officer who killed Bradford acted properly because Bradford was holding a gun moments after a holiday shooting left two people injured. Bradford's family vows to hold future protests at Marshall's home and office for NPR news. I'm Kyle Gasset in Montgomery. This is NPR news. The Justice department has filed a civil lawsuit to stop a Philadelphia nonprofit from opening a supervised injection site. That's intended to get a handle on the city's opioid crisis. WHYY's Bobby Allen reports it other cities have considered similar proposals for months federal officials have threatened to take the planners of Philadelphia's supervised injection site to court, but it has not slowed down officials at the nonprofit safe house, which is raising money and scouting for a site where people can use opioids under medical supervision. Studies have shown that similar programs in Canada in Europe have saved lives, but US attorney Bill mix. Wayne says such a site has no place in America. This is in your face illegal activity, using some of the most deadly dangerous drugs that are on the streets. We have a responsibility to step in safe. House officials say the federal drug laws cited by the Justice department. We're never intended to stop something like supervised injection site for NPR news. I'm Bobby Allen in Philadelphia. A vocal critic of the World Bank is President Trump's nominee to head the institution. David Malpass is a treasury department official who previously served in the Reagan, and George H W Bush administration's President Trump says America is the largest contributor to the World Bank. And that his administration is committed to ensuring that the money is well spent on Wall Street stocks closed slightly lower following the release of mixed corporate earnings reports on Wednesday. The Dow Jones industrials lost twenty one points. The NASDAQ fell twenty six points and the s&p five hundred six points lower. I'm Shay Stevens. NPR news. In washington. Support for NPR comes from dream wave maker of luxury massage chairs from Japan with shiatsu point detection and sixteen program to massages including morning night and stretch sessions retailers nationwide. More Ed dream wave chair dot com. And the Annie E Casey foundation. This is one A..

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