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In westland one woman says the fire began in her brother's apartment in the kitchen area nobody was hurt one man was shot and wounded and a wild gunfight a rolling gunfight between two men over a woman the gunfire was exchanged between vehicles in melvin dale and a love triangle flight between two men over the affections of that woman dearborn police say two men in two cars were shooting at each other in melvin dale in a driving gun battle and one was hit by a bullet and he drove himself to beaumont hospital in dearborn the second man followed the shooting victim when he got to the hospital the shooting victim already gone inside the emergency room so moments after arriving the second man fatally shot himself in the parking lot he was the ex boyfriend of the woman and the man he shot was the current boyfriend situation prompted a brief lockdown at the hospital the surgeon mccomb county continues the fbi state police warren police continuing to look for the remains of several young girls cases going back forty years or more officials say the search area is twenty four acres police say they reopened this case last fall after information was received about arthur ream the man who is in prison for killing cindy's zarzusky in one thousand nine hundred eighty six in east point police went back to interview rim in prison we were hoping that would get a little more cooperation from him but we're going to do our jobs far as law enforcement the search the glass of the two three four five days whatever it takes we're gonna do it the suspect in this case also did brag about murdering forty six people two inmates where he'd been house he did was interviewed several times by detectives from the warranties department he didn't pack fail a polygraph test the warren police commissioner bill dwyer investigators brought in more equipment to that wooded area along twenty three mile and north avenue for the remains of the missing girls the sister of kimberly king of warren a girl who went missing in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine of course is anxious to get an answer this sheer saturation that i've seen in the last two days has led me to believe that this might be d last best chance today will be day four of.

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