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Good morning everyone. I narrow chayhitch we are thirty minutes into the equity trading session in Europe at Marcus. We are indeed I'm Markus Karlsson looking about stock. Six hundred is gaining now by run about four tenths of one percent, essentially seeing all sectors in positive territory this morning, basic resources leading the way Cavs minerals, for instance, here in London higher by two point three percent. The only sector in negative tree is utilities, but it's only a smidgen lower looking at one stock specific stories. We are seeing shares in Investec leading the way on the stock six hundred it is by far the bay. Biggest Driza popping here by twelve point one percent as I look at it. Now this on the news that Investec is spinning off its asset management unit. Looking at some of the underlying indices, the footsie one hundred gaining by almost six tenths of one percent. High about half of one percent and the same goes for the Dax in Frankfurt looking at the handover as well. From asia. The MCI Asia Pacific index popping for a second consecutive day higher by one point two percent. We're seeing a little bit of continued dollar weakness after that weaker than expected CPI figure yesterday the Bloomberg dollar spot index off by zero one four percent narrow let's move on to our top stories, Marcus and Bank of England. Governor Mark Carney has told senior government ministers that are no deal. Brexit will probably see interest rates rise rather than full Bloomberg has learned that Carney told those present that crashing out without an agreement would lead to a fall in the pound and higher tariffs pushing inflation higher. They said he suggested that would make it harder to cut borrowing cost to support the economy as we did in the. Aftermath of the Brexit vote in two thousand sixteen in other news, the Bank of Japan's newly introduced forward guidance was drafted with overseas. Investors in mind reflecting an effort to avoid any sharp reaction in the yen and stocks, Bloomberg has learned that the term forward guidance and the headline to the central banks, July, the thirty first monetary policy statement were first written in English rather than Japanese. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shinzo Albay has said this morning that he doesn't think the B O J's radical easing should go on forever in top corporate news. And this by the way is one of the most read stories on the Bloomberg in the past eight hours. Goldman Sachs group investment bankers are competing a competing a takeover of their own firm. Three of the most important roles will now be held by executives who rose through the dealmaking unit overhauling the top of a company that's been a Wall Street powerhouse for years among them. John Waldron will be the firms next president and chief operating officer the second most powerful position in the Bank. Yeah. The incoming CEO David Solomon. Shaping Goldman Sachs to his liking. It seems also a well known Hong Kong companies considering an IPO within London listing. Bloomberg's Sophie Kamarudin has more the firm is seeking infrastructure holdings. Led by tycoon Victor Li the company owns energy and water utilities globally. We are told CK infrastructure is talking to investment banks and while discussions are ongoing. They may not lead to a deal seeking infrastructure has built a stable of British assets over the last decade from water and gas to rail transport. The company's sibling see Hodgson has infrastructure assets in ustralia, Germany and Canada. So become ridden. Bloomberg daybreak Europe, Hong Kong. Those you top stories for the latest in global news. Here's Bloomberg's Ben Clarke..

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