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Have a single how neurons neurons it's not that it has been her own hybrid kind of career that she has made she has huge loyal fans a huge loyal fan base and and she is just so honest and real. She's written a number one bestselling cookbook. She has three kids. It's not a cookbook. It's a cookbook with lifestyle and it called jesse. She just the open kit. Which is her clothing brand. It's taking off. Eric now works with the company after he retired from football and she just talks about how she bounces it all her upbringing. She grew up not she did not grow up in a fancy household with a lot of money and she's made all this happened. Our mom has always believed in her the power of positive causative thinking always thinking that she can do it and that she's got this girl. That's what she says tercel. I'm telling you she is so inspiring. She inspires me so much because not only is she just killing it as a business woman. She's also an incredible mom and wife and i think that that is just so awesome to be able to do it all and she's one one of those renaissance women women who are paving the way just saying listen yeah. I'm a mom. I'm a wife and i'm also businesswoman. I'm doing all awesome and she is that so here. She is get get ready to get inspired okay. I'm here jesse james death in your warehouse. This is our office slash ashworth house but this is the new kidney headquarters here and it was just like whoa taking off. It's been so crazy and not what i i did not expect it to like the everything you touch her zigal though so i am not shocked. Thank you for saying that it does. Your fans are crazy about you. They're awesome and they're good to me and i continued tuesday. This would not be happening if i didn't have them like they're the whole reason why everything happens. Did the fans come from the music and the show or was the show the platform that like pushed over the edge or where did all these like like crazy jesse fans come from <hes> this. This show did everything i had. I had fans from coming out before adding my record deal. When i was nineteen. <hes> had an album come out. I had a gold record kirk. I had toured with jonas brothers. You know i i did have some minor success for the music side but i always knew that i needed to do a reality show in order for girls to really get to know me because it kind of struggled with that and i kind of touched on that in the book that i wrote where i was saying just jesse my book yet just jesse and i i kind of touched on in there that i had a really hard time accumulating female fans for whatever reason labels like to try to sexualize a little bit and it just was not the right move and so. I knew i needed to do a t._v. Show so girls could get to know me and realize. I'm just like one of their friends. I'm just like one of the girls in in your group that you go to dinner with and laugh all night with and be silly. I'm just like that so i knew that i had to do that because you have struggles growing up with girls and like the bullies and stuff oh yeah and what was that what happened in your childhood you know i moved around a lot and when you're the new kid <hes> and you come into a new school where everyone's the groups in their friends. It's just bound to happen. It's inevitable but i think the hard part was in one town particularly just really a horrible situation for me. It was a town in georgia and i was there from six grade seven grade until my junior year and <hes> you know it really affected me and and mess with the girls do oh my god they would chase after me with scissors in between classes. I had hair down on my hips or they cut your hair. They would try to cut my hair. They would be waiting waiting in the parking lot to fight me they would did. They actually punch you. Oh yeah i had gotten fight to learn how to defend my gosh..

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