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Seven twenty new from the weekend lost in the fire here on the if you ever wondered how caddy women can be with each other behind closed doors. The bachelor is always a good example of this the last state this Demi girl who uses her overconfidence to intimidate other people. She actually mentioned something about the oldest woman in the this year's bachelorette pool right next to her Jessica purposes, she would hear us all of the other girls are intimidated by my confidence and Alan touchable. I am. If I were an older girl. I can't imagine how uncomfortable. I would feel. Rose. Caddie that's professional caddy ISM right there. That's that is tonight. Tv lineup. You've got celebrity big, brother. I watched a little bit less. They did you check out. But I'm considering watching it because this could have like the taymor Braxton show. Yeah. Really takes over you can tell which of these celebrities have been on reality show before. Right because they know what the producers want. Yeah. They know what they want to see they wanna see cattiness. They wanna see arguing fighting pettiness of. That's what they want. Yeah. Taymor knows. She's good at it. I just don't have never understood the show. I've just never understood dump show. Never understood. I think that's why watch it, you know, like, Ben on a reality show ever been on a reality show. Totally gets what the producers want has no idea what he wants us here for the anyways. There's more tonight the Connors season rally, which probably be the series finale is tonight as well game games. This is us as back at NCIS all back on your TV tonight, seven twenty nine let's see.

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