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That i ever called him the greatest pitcher all right to make you feel better about things we've brought in noted psychologist momoh who is just while unions are like happy person in there and like john just think they're always gallon right idea and ramona i've been i've been giving the statistical data last eleven teams in the dodgers russian the team down three to come in home nine of them have forced to game seven in eight of them have won the world series we gotta and i want to m plus you retailers rested right yeah very arrested take amount after four eating i mean steve are you one of those people who gets into this like enrich halewood like we're playing the butterfly game in the butterfly effect eight it is utter fly gave richil woulda gone longer than the four innings there then then the bullpen wouldn't have been so tax after game too are you unido's what do you made them i want mi one of those guys know it is it is the butterfly get is does i said i said at the moment he pulled rich hill that was the wrong thing to do things like his josh field and and mccarthy are they ever going to pitch again hope not i hope not i mean i need them it's really the game to it just goes back to that whole idea of if he if rituals these in the game they made it doesn't have to throw then then he or he or somebody else better laurel he doesn't have to throw right then there are available and you don't have to throw field mccarthy although maybe fields mccarthy would have blown up in game three or four if they wouldn't have blown up a game tale though.

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