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Game and also like i don't know how to describe it. He does things that are amazing. But i wouldn't cost him as a superstar of the game i found. That's actually a really good question. Because i actually don't write him as a superstar bio yeah now i do i do i like knickknack. A patio dog. Bone jack watts. Now the goddess gov that big. I'll put it this way. If showing manfred all he did was reading. Rock pats diapers for not doing enough around the grand early these cane. He just has to rectify. That doesn't have to doesn't have to get positions. Doesn't have to type mocks doesn't have to do. Anything else tackles big. Whoop are the recommend tackle as well. just yes it's just it. Just craps it just annoys me that i blow that much at if he's about high quick questions coming from one of you is horrid along the moment. Very very nicely. Moscow gets pulled out at the last. Moment georgiadis zine slots four. You've now got a mike at choice. Who's it going to be. You gotta go with the marsh. Or you're gonna go with the greek freak georgiadis. It's up to you more friends selection panel jamie wallis. Who young with yes. Thank you for your question craig. Did what she oh power reports over the weekend very very good to say your normal states back which is fantastic Was that i just division nine goals. All cindy i think what thankfully cry got three word to you told you sir i said the georgiadis is gonna have the breakout. Ye said this. I said that already georgiadis everyday from on muhtar marshall. I'm sorry but he's just a few more on the weekend he took his chance in. Em run with it. And i think it'd be hard for todd macho to get back into the sport a one on one go harden soft tacos driving me. Why not have both have toward marshall. Joe hey john dixon three tools or not all ever one ninety four centimeters i west coast during with dialing kennedy..

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