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The call yeah the cannon things not as disconcerting but i just don't believe nfl teams and they tell me everything's okay the andrew luck thing is is really if i'm a coach fan i'm really really word because him saying i don't know what day or week or when he goes down in order or what's after week month lake that's that's a problem into you know why backup call here's a here's a great example i backup quarterbacks are really important last year all of the first possession against seattle first series cam got best and deir catterson got the start and threw a pair tiger right away it's hard to play quarterback in the nfl it's hard to find backups who aren't totally shellshocked and literally looked like i would look or you would probably look out there overmatched in full of fear and if nothing else you know calling catholics going to be able to go out there and not utterly cost you the game author the stats that again sixteen touchdowns foreigners have since last year when he won that starting gig with a bad team in a battle offensive line and now a lot of weapons around all right here so here's my question for you eight five five two one two four cbs is the phone number eight five five two one two four cbs especially of your listen into your charlotte specifically those cities would you have a problem with colin kaepernick but also this is like doesn't it go against whatever your view on capper nic and what he did during the anthem doesn't it go against everything we've been told about why he doesn't have a job of your owner override you if your owners overriding you uncapped nick that's not about football right that's about your perception what's right and wrong and if that's the case and that's okay i i have a different perspective on this but if that your perspective i respected as long as you the same owner that doesn't allow anybody with a history of domestic violence anybody a with a history of duis i mean that would eliminate almost every owner of ball how can an owner and i want you to on love to hear from you.

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