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Because music makers full the maker of the maybe if not in salary more and maybe it wouldn't be as well but but how to make a song if toni braxton and the sound toni braxton she's just sound like embroider and all of our gosh here that are smooth i well i mean you know what they did for that young lady man to keep a funky te'o but really all has it all sounds say but it also well there's down there yeah and that middle that was the the middle keyboard that they always do i'm thinking right now we'll pubs is fair weather friend the middle middle keyboard melodies that they do in the middle of everything that they do oh yeah you know a lot of that a lot of that we you know we missed we missed you know intros and you know instrumental breaks out trolls and you know yeah those those things those things are really essential to to great songwriting and yeah important and they they were masters i mean are masters of it i mean they just dumb jokes to hook you in and you got you know you got my momma who whatever she's saying every little step come up i got does so you know you know she's not she she loves me is she's not you know but if she's humming that you're doing you're doing a good job album later you guys did a good job thanks so this has been oh my gosh this is bad i cannot tell you cannot tear you almost almost see i can almost see and and smell and taste that part of nineteen eighty eight yeah different time and so some music that we still talking about which is just incredible you know at some and and a lot of a lot of careers made by by the success of this record by the success of don't be cruel take rby bobby bobby sat out emmy award winning you know came bobby brown s some somebody about bobby brown don't don't let this you know i guess it a lot of fun being made a lot of and yeah okay but ask somebody about king that's right yeah well this is just been another fantastic and fun and informative inside the album podcast please please please when you have opportunity wherever you listen to podcasts not only look to subscribe to our podcast but but right us leave us a comment that helps other folks who like this type of content to find it of the more ratings we have more comment so you know how to game worse these days that kinda gives you some social capital kind of move up totem pole a little bit as it were but we always very excited and we we granted i mean we we looked at it as a real real opportunity to be able to have these discussions into share them with you make sure the check us out all over the web grown folks music the home place we do have our own site we've come see of there and you purchase merchandise there at our at our store we're actually always working on some new things some new innovative merchandise that tell the grown story but you can also find some facebook to grow folks these one twitter at grown folk music instagram grown music pinterest grown folk music you get so for dj take ac i am your love man this has been inside the album podcast don't be crew from body brown and until the next time grown folks music dot com

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