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For the final four and one. So I'm just gonna hold on to my lead over norlander until next week. Can we get that update, nada? No games to pick. Can we get the update? What's the score? You got that now? I think I'm my hand. Now it might be digging. I have it if you do, my man. I'm pretty sure. Do have it. I do have it. Norlander, you are 18 and 12. And GP, you are exactly at 500 at 15 and 15. 16 and 15, that's not bad. That's like an all time record for me. It is. Yeah. I'm doing better than I'm doing better than Tesla stock. That's correct. Considering you just crashed an entire bandwagon. I wouldn't go bragging about anything yet. Yeah. Doing better than Tesla stock. That's true. That is true. To anyone watching, we might squeeze a couple of live questions here on at the end. We've got plenty that we're emailed in. We'll have a few video ones as well. By the way, first one's not a question. I just have to mention this. Mike from Massachusetts rice, my son applied to UMass Lowell with the hopes of studying music. He told the music department director, he wanted to study there because of the connection to Elvis, the director scratched his head and informed us Elvis did not matriculate at UMass Lowell, someone is disingenuous. What gives GP love the pod smashed the like button like Brandon Davies. Again, not a question. My question is facetious email or do we actually think this happened? I will tell you I have gotten lots of tweets or Facebook messages or emails from people over the past couple of years who have gotten genuinely gotten into a conversation about U.S. law and it leads to Elvis and then the other party is confused and it leads to like, no, look it up. I think Elvis really did go to school there. Like it leads to these types of conversations. So I don't know if you, I guess where I would call respectfully where I would respectfully call BS maybe on this one is that would you really decide to go to U.S. law? Because of Elvis Presley, would you really do that? Someone might be out there, man. I mean, maybe. Maybe, but I appreciate any time Elvis Presley gets mentioned with U.S. law. It makes me smile. All right, let's get to the first question. This is from Terry. He's an Indianapolis. He writes a longtime listener. My favorite story is the Bobby Knight Carnegie deli story. From GP. That's a true story. Gary talked a bit ago about how low ranked the Purdue team as according to the recruiting services. Do you attribute their success for the painters ability to evaluate talent, painter system, produce player development, or otherwise would be interested in the average recruit ranking of Purdue first the versus the rest of the top 25. I honestly think it's all the above. I think Matt obviously in his staff have a talent for finding guys who will fit their culture and what they want to do, regardless of where they're ranked. Matt has actually talked publicly about this many times. But the player development stuff has to be there as well. Like Zack Edie was not this version of himself last season. He has gotten obviously an undeniably better. So I really do think just about every explanation Terry throughout applies to Purdue. They recruit to their culture. They recruit, you know, regardless of the number beside the name and then they really know how to build and develop and turn it into something consistently good. And this is a season where they've reached the point where it looks like it's consistently great. I would say, if you want to say it's a little bit of all the above, that's fine. Obviously, I included this one because it's relevant more than ever with Purdue being arguably the best team in the country right now. You have remind me. I've got Yukon number one of my power rankings. You have pretty one. I've got Purdue one, but the only reason it's easy to defend, by the way. Purdue has more good wins than you kind of has. Yukon's just been over more overwhelming for its opponents. So it's easily defensible, but the truth is I have, I have Purdue ahead of Yukon, only because Purdue got there first. And then I wasn't going to drop Purdue from number one just because you blew out somebody else. As I've noted many times, Purdue and Yukon will stay one and two in that order until one of them loses. It is painters a really good evaluator. The system is good. He has and this is just my own perspective on this having talked to him about this a couple of times over the past. I don't know, 6, 7, 8 years. Has as much confidence and comfortability and trusting his evaluations in his staff's evaluations on the trail and not really paying any attention or having any care whatsoever to recruiting rankings. Now there are other coaches who take the similar approach, but when it really gets down to it and you start recruiting these players and then you find out who you may or may not be recruiting against. I think it's human nature and some coaches have shared privately that occasionally they might think, well, what am I missing here? Painter has a north star that he follows there. When it comes to development, I mean, somewhat, yes, that brings me to my one and only trivia time on this episode. Trivia time, you ready? Come on, break, yes, bring. How many painter coached Purdue players

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