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Investigation it's so easily explained you wonder if the wash impose a New York times or even trying to cover their bias these days I'll explain to you and them. so they want to say yesterday in the afternoon they got the Ukrainian a nine page complaint of from a Stafford they didn't see things directly then they got their present releasing his transcripts and that you have the impeachment inquiry under way in the sixty minutes feature were distressed prayer full of speaker Pelosi. well let. CBS know that she doesn't relish this but you want to get it done quickly and she doesn't have any idea where it's going to go but she is was to find the facts however she knows exactly where it's going to go so she say yes to do the president call you see yeah present call me in fact Eric do you still have that call from sixty minutes. this is the president going to talking to sky this is that the speaker talking to Scott Pelley I think this is important to show you how would swinging gramma Liz Cheney believe that I also believe that this thing is scripted I believe the media is also in bed with this wasn't an instability sitting with Scott Pelley they tell me it was perfect there was nothing in the call but I know what was in the call on me it was in the public domain he didn't even know that it was wrong in a sense perfect there was nothing wrong it is wrong okay do you she said. she said but I already knew was in the call well we're sick and you know was in the car. we do the transfer then be released on five more hours but you had to get it done while he's at the U. N. many world leaders breaking serious games of something as serious as a run of the J. C. P. O. a part to sell. it may indeed she says was in the public mind was on the public domain it was in the public domain plus was in the public domain it's only who's a factual public domain it was rumored to going to a staffer in a whistleblower that something took place because yeah I know I was I remember that colt release it. bases were released it. which will house he got a release that I hate the president because the president says now they're going to want the Putin called a few days later and the press is gonna say no stop it dead chip she knows about it and to me we're going to see a series of stories it's going to be something happens with the media well I suppose New York times politico and the next day lawmakers can't believe that he even did worse than they thought so this last story says the president I'd states as Attorney General talking to other countries about the investigation into for his political prop prowess and we're pretty go political game no it isn't it's about what happened leading up to the twenty sixteen election and is about the countries that were involved in that now how do I know that the present already thought about this was not caught in this is a non story because the president on may twenty fourth said this on the White House lawn cut for for over a year.

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