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When we come back the investigations of Rosier. We's come to a close. Hi It's Carter. I am happy to announce that the launch of our new podcast series supernatural with Ashley. Flowers has been a great success. It's a show where all very proud of here at park guest and we thank you for listening. If you haven't had a chance to tune in yet I definitely recommend you head over to the supernatural with Ashley. Fires Feed and start following today every Wednesday? Actually flowers takes on a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional where the deaths of two Brazilian men a result of making contact with spirits on Mars. Get closer to the truth than ever before. Regarding the mystifying lead masks case did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine sort through the out of this world circumstances surrounding the allegations incident. And who and what were responsible for the unexplained death of Australia's Somerton man dig deeper into the peculiar details and poetry involved in the case. Each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences already one of my favorite shows. And I hope you check it out. Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story It had only been one week since twenty six year. Old Rosie Ruis had shocked the world by winning the Boston Marathon but those seven days had felt like a lifetime to rees who faced immediate scrutiny from reporters fans and other runners who believed correctly that Ruis had cheated on the evening of April Twenty Eighth Nineteen Eighty. Ruis met with Boston Marathon. Race director will clooney at her hotel. Clooney told Ruis that he was ready to bring evidence to the Board of Governors for vote on her victory. He didn't mince words they would likely vote to disqualify her in named Jaclyn Guerrero. The winner Ruis reportedly sobbed Colonie. Felt sorry for her and tried to be comforting as he delivered the bad news. Despite all the facts against her ruis still wouldn't admit she cheated. He gave her one last chance to provide any evidence that would support her story. She gave me the information of one other male runner whom she said could vouch for her. Cloning knew who the male runner was. He was the overall tenth place finisher finishing the race. One hundred thirty places earlier than Ruiz. He wouldn't have been physically near her at any point during the marathon as kindly as he could only told her. We's that this final defends wouldn't help her. She was or realized there was no way she could stop the inevitable. On Wednesday April thirtieth will clooney held a press conference in downtown Boston. He announced the Board of Governors had voted unanimously to strip Rosie Ruiz for Boston marathon when he stated that the evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt that released did not run the entire race. Seated to Kony's right was a jet-lagged Jacqueline Garo. Who had yet again made the trip to Boston this time. She was finally given what she earned nine days before the title of Boston. Marathon champion Clooney placed the Laurel Wreath on Garros. Head as members of the press clapped. Gero smiled hand. Gave A half-hearted fist pump to celebrate her late victory back in New York Rosie. Ruiz delivered a downtrodden statement to reporters once again weekly claiming that she'd been wrongly disqualified and that one day she would prove it with the investigation overhand scandal winding down will cloney traveled to New York to meet with Ruis a third and final time at her apartment. She continued arguing that she'd run the race but clooney stopped her. She already been disqualified. There was no more need for release to defend herself. He was there to simply offer an olive branch. He invited her to run the Boston marathon again. In nineteen eighty-one maybe a year. She could prove that she really was the elite runners. She claimed to be clowney. Did ask for one thing. He wanted ruas metal back to awarded to the rightful winner. A devastated Ruis refused. She repeated that she'd run the race and earn that medal. Cloning was shocked. Despite all that had been revealed. Ruiz truly believed it was rightfully hers. Not wanting to force more conflict cloney. Let her keep it..

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