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Saying rising during the break about Buddha jujitsu? The gay mayor or something. And say look everybody's fascinated over him in fawning over him. But once these old dudes put their fangs into him and start ripping on him and running ads against him. And he's on a debate stage. They're going to gobble him up especially Joe especially Joe by Joe Biden is hard core. And he will he will cut you if he can cut Paul Ryan in a debate. Yeah. He can cut gay or Pete. And he will do it. Because Trump while insane is right. It's gonna come down to Sanders versus whoever Sanders has the lunatic. It's going to be the two white guys. I think it'll be Biden Sanders. Old white dudes yet, but everyone is going to be fighting to be the Sanders alternative, which means are all going to be pushing themselves to the middle just a sterile, which will be awesome to watch. Because everybody will be like, hey member when you said all these crazy lunatic. So far laugh. Yeah. Don't try to pretend that you're not anymore because right now, it's just Pete Buddha. Judge giving speeches and he's going on L. And the media's like does eating him up at the spin. They speaking French you guys, he speaking French and people are like, let's not even have an election. Let's just give him the job right now. So Macron none of these. None of these. Nobody's talking negatively about him. But once the whole thing starts, we'll probably start with this first debate all bets are off. It'll be they'll be knife in each. And I can't wait to watch. He's toast. He's not even in the same league. As Joe by Joe Biden. That's why he's waiting to the last minute. He's just waiting and then he's just going to gut everybody. He's going to gut them. All I mean, I can't say that. I'm not going to enjoy that a little bit. Can it be? So who has the thing? It wasn't fun teeter sport. This is gonna be so fun to watch. I all just hanging back. Like, oh, God wants again can announce now I don't think I don't think they see it coming and they'll get back. I mean, it's blood. It's going to be blogging. I totally agree. Great. You guys stay with us. Fox News commentary with toddstarnes. Hello americans..

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