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A a segment of your guys unveiling of this another watcher but kuenley janssen closed for the dodgers by the way with a twogame winning streak thank you very much he is not impressed according to bill shaken a los angeles times janssen said this to him and i quote i don't care how good the indians of playing i don't care how good the it was a we are still the best team in baseball end quote then again if i had a twogame winning streak i feel confident about my football team baseball team as well how we've been able to play let's be honest if you major league baseball if you as an organization are not going to talk about it this beyond the plenty of sports organisations that i give you the cleveland indians the love they deserve being this historic with these of 21 in the rope whatever the lack of disrespect is were whoever has been a part of it if you major league baseball is somebody's knowing shane on kwy like this to bring attention to it if you're not going to do it at least cambridge heads is make people aware or decrease the indians have been able to do twenty one games in a row and at right now freddie i'm just checking like you know some of the the major websites as far as history goes and cbs sports right now they have three football stories up on their front page when when it comes to usa today what do they have uh chargers rams are neither okay the racism banner at fenway which will get into in a second of yet 145 enemy india's do label as winds pile up is the third item now and which is amazing to me me you have is this this is history and they're they're they're they're actually also comedic avenues to this story like tito francona is one of my favorite people in all sports i was covering him as a young student reporter when the michael jordan birmingham barons right when jordan was playing for the barons the of jordan cruiser and francona was the skipper of.

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